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Next up, we find out that Melissa would have been a fishwife or perhaps a maid for the village blacksmith had she not been a dancer. Ade says Melissa's career choice fits her perfectly, and then says he would have been a sound engineer, presumably as long as he's allowed to wear his afro pick jutting out of his hair at distracting angles.

They're going to be doing the rumba with Tony Meredith, who says it requires a lot of sensuality. He says ballroom dancing requires specific technique, combined with "selling the emotion." He tells us that Melissa and Ade "need to work on everything." Melissa says they're a little overwhelmed with what they have to do, but it will come together.

They're dancing to Destiny's Child, and Melissa smoulders across the stage, in a sparkly gold dress/bikini combo that shows off one entire leg. She looks like an X-Man, maybe one with the power to harness nature through dance. Ade is in a suit with a popped collar. They strut their way across the stage towards each other, press their backs against each other. Melissa slides her hands down Ade's legs and then they spin away from each other. He twirls her around, and then she puts her arms out in a T and falls to the side. He catches her and slides her, stiff-legged, back in the other direction. Yeah, they've got the sensuality down. Melissa lifts her leg so that she's like a clock set to six o'clock, and then I think she actually turns her body inside out to twist around. She IS an X-Man!

Cat asks the audience if it feels like they're interrupting anything, and then calls Melissa a goddess in her dress. Nigel also praises every square inch of skin and leg on her body, saying it all shows in her back, and her carriage is magnificent. He also says Ade was fantastic. "What a difference a day (Ade!) makes!" he says, and everyone groans. "You give your partner something to undulate against," he says, praising Tony Meredith for doing fantastic work in a short period of time.

Mary mentions Tony talking about "selling the emotion," and then screams that whatever they're selling, she's buying. "It was so believable and so in tune." She says Ade just grooved through the whole thing, and praised his partnering skills. Then she screams something about wanting to have sex with Ade, or something. Toni decides that Mary and Nigel have said enough about the dancers and just starts talking about how hot Tony and Meredith are, which unfortunately starts Mary screaming again.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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