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Next up: Asuka says she'd be making "lots of jewelry" if she weren't dancing to sell to all the ballroom people out there. Vitolio says he'd be the lead singer in a band, because he likes people screaming at him. We watch footage of him in a Lenny Kravitz afro week, scaring the hell out of Asuka.

This week, they're doing a Mandy Moore jazz routine, and she scares the hell out of me when she says she's going to call it "thrash rocker jazz." That sounds dreadful! Vitolio says it's really fast, and the counts are really weird. Asuka says she's really out of her element but was telling herself to stay calm. Not so successful, says Vitolio, who says she was a little overwhelmed. Asuka admits to not getting the steps as quickly as she wanted.

And then the most ridiculous thing happens. In rehearsal, Asuka says she thinks she's slow, and Mandy agrees with her, and then the screen goes black and then a crying Asuka is being consoled by Vitolio. Judging from her reaction, I'd have to guess that Mandy just murdered Asuka's mom. She cries that she's worried about disappointing him, and Vitolio soothingly says that if they work together as a couple, then it'll be there. Asuka says if he sees her crying, he won't leave her alone. That sounds annoying.

And then they come out dancing to Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," because who thrashes more than Pat Benatar? Well, possibly Toni Basil, but that's it. Anyway, the routine is rather underwhelming for me. One of those routines where the dancers stand around a whole lot waving their arms and lifting legs. And then Vitolio lifts Asuka up and twirls her around. And now they are running, probably fleeing from the "love taker." I think there are some leaps that were supposed to synchronized, but turned out not to be. Vitolio lifts up an upside-down Asuka, who does a leg-lifted split, and then there is more fist-pumping to the crashing of the cymbals, and then a decent overhead lift of a spread-eagled Asuka, her hands on Vitolio's shoulders for balance, and then he catches her in his arms and flips her upside-down for the finish.

"I can't believe that these are the same cutie-pies who were in that clip," says Cat, calling Vitolio a "softie." He says she's a sweetie and he just had to be there for her, earning a round of "awwwws" from the audience. Nigel says that's the difference between the real person (a softie) and the performer (a strong caveman, apparently, judging from Nigel's yelling). He yells that it was fantastic. And then he starts throwing gang signs! Cat asks Mary if she agrees with Nigel or if she's going to rain on the parade, and so Mary stares at Nigel for a minute and he pretends to hypnotizes her and she screeches that he put a whammy on her, and good GOD get to the point! She thought it was pretty good, but not great, and points to the lack of synchronization, and then I think she says some things about how they have potential to be great. And then Toni says they could develop into an extremely powerful couple, citing the way he was caressing her in the video, and holding her after the performance, and then people in the audience are screaming, because of course it's always better if the people dancing together are going to fall in love, right? "Don't let your technique get in the way of your emotions," she advises, and talks about the electricity they have and they need to "brave it up," whatever that means, and Cat calls her a "rock and roll princess," because she had one hit back during the Depression.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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