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So the two of them come flying out all "Smooth Criminal" on us, pretending like they're on the run from the cops, and, having eluded five-oh, are going to take some time to get their groove on to some fat beats, as you do. And then the dancing begins, with some heavy stomping and finger-interlocked popping and shoulder-shrugging and nodding and hat-brim-snapping. Jonathan pops Karla's hat off her head and slides it down her back and butt and back on then they lock back in sync. They lose a little energy midway through but pick it up after Jonathan pulls his hat off and slides it across the floor, before cartwheeling and flipping over it and then picking it up and putting it back on, in one fluid motion. He crouches down and she rolls over his back. Then some strobe lights come on and they sit on the stage and play with their hats, and then get back up, get very close and pop to the music.

Nigel's not exactly climbing the walls. He asks Dave if would be smooth hip-hop, and Dave waggles his fingers all "kinda" which probably means "no, you poncey git," and Nigel talks about all the energy being ironed out of it. "There was no danger in it." He asks Jonathan if he felt comfortable in the routine, and Jonathan says he did today, so Nigel says he can't forgive him then for not being at all connected to his partner. And he goes off on how they need to get all the little things right, like nodding, and putting on their hats, and the longer he goes on the more you'd be forgiven if there'd never been a slower, more boring routine ever performed on this show. "For me, instead of gangster, that was a bit like a Sunday school picnic outing," he says, and then doing his "I'll bravely challenge the booers" routine. He also predicts they'll be in the bottom three. "And you're too good to be! I don't want you to be!" he says, and then he makes fun of dancers winding up in the bottom three every week and pleading with Nigel to keep them for another week. "Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," says a slightly shocked-sounding Cat. Love her.

And then Mary jokes about being in touch with her "inner gangster," and then takes about ten minutes to say that they didn't nail it. It's a small setback, she says, and hopes they'll get another chance to prove themselves.

Then Toni "Living Legend" Basil says that hip-hop draws on "millenniums" of dance styles, but mostly street, and who knows where she's going with this, and she says they've gotta have the funk, and they've gotta have the hard-hit, and they've gotta be together.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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