So You Think You Can Dance

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I See You, Randi, Shakin' That Ass, Shakin' That Ass

Mary screams something, and because Phillip and Jeanine look about to pass out from ingesting all the stuffing still hanging around on the stage, Mary jokes that she's allergic to down feathers. "But I wasn't allergic to that routine, no I wasn't. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" She says Phillip did better than she expected and she screams a bunch of stuff about Phillip jumping over the couch, and then screams that she liked Jeanine. "You were fabulous, yes you were!"

Toni thought it was adorable, but she doesn't think adorable is what they were going for, and need to take it to the Gene Kelly level. Then she rambles on about the luck of the draw when it comes to getting the routine and choreographer. "You just can't let those feathers upstage you. That's all I can say," she says. Well, thanks for getting all cryptic on us.

Cat makes them promise to "bring it" every week. They promise!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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