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Only eight couples remain! But we're still spending two hours each week with the couples, so unless we've eliminated enough dancers that they can all dance twice, this is when the extra padding starts to become very apparent.

Cat shimmies and shakes her way through the dancers on the stage, looking lovely, as ever, in an orange Roman-looking dress. She dials down her chipperness factor to nine from ten long enough to shed some tears for losing Max and Ashley last week. "I hate Thursdays!" she chirps, but then it's back to the task at hand. She introduces the judges, and joining Mary and Nigel this week is Toni Basil, who looks like she's in a hostage video, staring frightened at the screen. Cat notes that Toni's about to win some major award, and then you find out that it's a hip-hop "living legend" award, and Toni says she's humbled to join the ranks of "Boogaloo Sam" and MC Hammer, and her "partner in crime" Don "Campbell Lock" Campbell, who created the Campbell Lock, and then she blah-blahs on forever about all the important work they did to make everyone know how awesome street dancing is. Or something.

Cat asks Mary how the season is going so far, and Mary, as required by her contract, says this season is the most awesome so far and is actually curing cancer, provided the patients exposed to the show aren't too far along. Nigel says they're still seeing dancers evolve, and the dancers are learning to do other things, which is still difficult for them. "And exciting for us!" chirps Cat, because Nigel is just being a dour old grouch.

The first couple up this evening is Karla and Jonathan, and this week's time-waster is finding out what the dancers would be doing if they weren't dancers. Karla says she'd be a journalist, because she majored in it at NYU, and Jonathan says he'd be an acrobat for Cirque du Soleil, which I think is close enough to dancing that it shouldn't be allowed as an answer. He needs to say something like "chief Big Mac inspector" or something. "I could totally see him in the circus!" says Karla, and thanks to the footage of her, I could totally see her writing things down on yellow pads. And despite this being the show's fifth season, and presumably Karla has watched this show and enjoyed it before now, she's amazed that people voted for them, that people watch this and enjoy it.

They're doing a Dave Scott hip-hop routine, and Karla wanted to give him a hug and instead Dave gave her a hat instead, because he's all about getting down to business. And the business this week is his version of a love story, which is like every other choreographer's routine. This one involves Bonnie and Clyde stuff. And Karla's got that "swagger" that Dave is looking for, which is nice for her. "Dave wants us to bring out my inner gangster, and I don't know where I'm going to get it from," says Jonathan, saying he's going to have to "buy it." Even Karla is all, "Yeah, he's not exactly gangster." Meanwhile, she's iced all kinds of bitches. The hats are part of the routine, and there's a section where Jonathan has to grab her hat, and it's gotta be really smooth, or it's not going to look very gangsta, we're told. I do admit that on the streets of New York, gangsters are very good and smoothly grabbing their fellow gang members' hats as they dance around, so I can see why they need to nail that.

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