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"The Accessibility of These Routines Makes People Pick Up Telephones"

Man, I wish I cared about this Simpsons Scavenger Hunt thing that Fox has going on this week. Because you might not know this, but I'm very good at spotting Simpsons quotes. It's a curse.

The opening Intro-Dance is fairly uninteresting except for two things: Mollee's "dance" is just lifting her right leg extremely high while she balances on her left. Have you seen Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2? There's a spot at the end where the evil tall white guy does exactly the same thing, for no reason. The other interesting thing is Russell's T-shirt, which says "What is Fashion?" Look for that shirt at your local store!

Oh, and Ryan has his shirt off again. I want to make fun of him for that, but honestly, if my torso looked like that I probably wouldn't even own a shirt.

Cat welcomes us from the giant jukebox that makes up the new stage. The judges are Adam, Cat, and, Nigel again, so I guess we're not having guest judges this year. No Li'l C? No Debbie? Well, it's a shame, but if it means Nigel can't bring Paula Abdul up anymore, it's worth it. Cat also points out a bunch of the Season 5 dancers in the front row. Hi, Season 5 dancers! How do you feel about everyone saying how much better this season is going to be than yours was? They report that the tour is going well, and that they'll be at a Dizzy Feet Foundation benefit, along with people from America's Best Dance Crew and Dancing With the Stars. Wait, Nigel just mentioned DWtS? I somehow had the impression that was illegal! Adam also mentions that people from the Step Up movie will be there. And that's not all! Mary and Dmitry will be doing the samba! Frankly, there's an awful lot going on there, so it does sound like something worth going to if you're in the area and like dance./p>

Oh, one more thing. Tonight is the first night of actual voting. Which I think is interesting, because the audience has seen a lot of all sixteen of these dancers before they ever get to pick up a phone. Even Noelle has gotten more exposure that some dancers in previous seasons got before the first audience vote.

The gimmick question tonight is "What should America know about you?" Karen would like us to know that she divorced her husband, with whom she auditioned. Kevin has danced on the Great Wall of China. Well, okay. To spice this up, I'm going to be awarding winners for each pairing, based on which person said something more interesting. I guess I'll go with Kevin on this one, although I wasn't riveted by either one. They'll be doing the Hustle. And it looks like they have a bigger rehearsal room than usual. It also looks like they've covered the floor-to-ceiling windows, which is a good idea. In previous seasons, I never understood why people desperate for spoilers didn't just camp out across the street from the rehearsals and spy on the dancers.

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