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Did everyone have a good week off? I did, other than that I thought Saturday was Wednesday and I'd get another episode of this show. I was then disappointed when I realized I had to wait, and then took a moment to wonder if I've gotten just a wee bit too invested in my summer television. Moving on: this week's guest judge is Adam Shankman, who has directed and choreographed what is going to be the biggest dance movie of the year, according to Cat. Oh come on, Hairspray is not going to be any Stomp the Yard, all right-thinking people know that.

Since the last episode, they've received over 1,000 signatures asking to have Jessi reinstated, since America didn't put her in the bottom three in the first place. Nigel explains rationally that they had to do something as she didn't actually compete that week. He uses the analogy of the Olympics, pointing out that if someone is sick they don't get their event postponed for a day or two. Unfortunately, Nigel is relying on this show's voters to listen to reason, which has proven to not be their strongest suit. He reminds everyone that until they reach only ten dancers, the judging is subjective and that the judges love all of the top 20 since they were handpicked from so many who auditioned. You know he totally had his fingers crossed when he said that, since I don't think any of them love Cedric at this point. Nigel tells Cat he's just glad that people are passionate about the show. It's not going to be the first time that he carefully picks his words -- this guy could be a great politician. Mary's portion of the Meet Your Jidges (tm Cat) Interview is to say she's having a hard time with Jesús being gone, since he was one of her favorites. He's in the audience, looking as cute as a sack of puppies. Adam turns out to be kind of insane, but the kind I would like to get cocktails with; he tells Cat that she looks "catastrophically cat-tastic." He then goes on to say how all of the 65 principal dancers in Hairspray would come over to his house every Wednesday for dinner and SYTYCD. I'm scratching my head because I don't remember hearing that this movie was filmed last season, and I'm pretty sure they had everything they needed in the can before a few weeks ago when this season premiered, but he seems sure they all gathered for a viewing, so I'll just go with it.

This weeks CuteIntro is to have each dancer say something America doesn't know about them. Kameron says he's a daredevil who skydives on the weekends and rides motorcycles with his dad during the week, making it sound like the two are strangely mutually exclusive. Lacey tells us she was a hair model, and there's a shot of her with a bleach blonde ponyhawk. She admits that her hair is pretty short and that right now she's sporting a weave. (Dear ANTM: Let this be a lesson that you can give someone a weave that looks good, as opposed to looking like an animal perished on someone's head.) This week, they're doing the hustle, choreographed by Maria Torres. She's not doing the wedding dance people think of; her hustle is from New York City, and is a partner dance. She thinks it will be the toughest dance they've done yet. Kameron expresses surprise at how tough it is since the guy has to lead this dance. As opposed to every other partner dance? They both say they're nervous, but something tells me they'll pull it off.

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