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Welcome to the hardest week yet! Cat's sporting a light blue ballerina-inspired dress, which seems to be inspired by this week's group number from Hairspray! They're dancing to "You Can't Stop the Beat." The girls are all in great fifties dresses and the guys are in skinny pants. It's cute, they look good, but there's not much more to say. Well, not much more to say other than that I think only six of the girls were dancing, but I couldn't ever get a good enough look to figure out who might not have been there. Maybe I'd just had too much wine, I don't know. The song ends with the camera on Danny and the grin I've grown to despise. Cat comes back, and I get a look at her hair with milkmaid braids wrapped up on her head. I'd say something really snide if I didn't love her so much.

Cat tells us that Adam Shankman choreographed the routine, and then introduces the judges. Nigel's hair is especially tall and wavy today. Mary's sporting what appears to be a shirt covered in cherries with matching cherry necklace and earrings, which is oh so age-appropriate. Adam has lost last night's tie and has an unbuttoned shirt and dog tags. Just go with it, the guy is still delightfully crazy. They show a tape of the kids rehearsing. Not surprisingly, Adam is a crazy bundle of energy who swears a lot, but the kids seem to love it. Jaimie says he told them to just have fun doing the routine, which is a nice change from what they usually hear. Then Adam tells all of them to keep up their "hungry jazz faces." Yeah, I don't know either. The video ends with a shot of him doing splits that would put the US women's gymnastics team to shame. Ouch.

The first two couples up are Dominic and Sabra and Danny and Anya. Cat announces that one of the couples is safe and one is not, and then recaps last night's performances. Sabra and Dom did hip hop and the jidges all loved them. Cat opens and envelope to reveal…that she's not going to tell them their fate until she's talked to Anya and Danny. She then recaps their reliably angsty contemporary routine. More important than the dancing are the jidges' reactions to it. They love Anya and thought she was beautiful, but Danny was missing whatever x-factor he needs to make people actually like him. Because of this, Nigel isn't really surprised that they are there. He then turns to Adam and apologizes for telling him that he was full of crap, even though Adam agrees that he's chock full of crap. But unfortunately, Adam then retracts his statement that Danny's problem is arrogance. What is going on with these two? Does Danny cut a menacing figure not seen on stage? Are they worried he's going to beat them up backstage? Nigel maintains that you can't be arrogant and then put so much of yourself into training to be as good as Danny. You can't be arrogant and have that drive. Okay, now THAT is a load of crap. There are plenty of athletes, dancers, scholars, writers, and the list goes on, who all have in fact excelled in their field because of their arrogance. Regardless, I'm happy that Danny's again been taken down a notch by being sent to the bottom three one more time. Anya is actually in tears, which is sad since she's not the problem of this duo. Perhaps to temper Danny's rage, Nigel reminds them and us that they are two of the best dancers the show has ever had.

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