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To the Victor Go Absolutely No Spoils

Cat looks Xanadu fabulous tonight as we prepare to lose the last two dancers that stand between us and the top 10. The smart money says those two will be Victor and Karen, but hope -- and a fickle Nigel Lythgoe -- springs eternal.

The opening group number features some pretty explicit Alice in Wonderland: Beyond Thunderdome weirdness, with the kind of limbs-akimbo gesticulations that scream SONYA. Legacy gets about twenty minutes to spin on his head, Jakob has this terrifying oversized smile painted on his face, Russell is the White Rabbitt with a Flavor Flav clock around his neck, the whole thing is out of a black-lit Joel-Schumacher's-Batman-movies nightmare. And actually, I'm totally wrong because Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed that weirdness. Wow, props you two.

You know, with only 12 dancers remaining, half of them are going to have to perform solos tonight. It'll be interesting to see which of the previously audience-supported teams fall back into danger. Nigel delivers a somewhat bizarre holiday greeting to the home audience, one that touches on the soldiers overseas and somehow ends up with him urging all the lonely people out there to go seek companionship? Way to hold on to your title as World's Creepiest Uncle, dude.

After the judges kill some time talking about how the show format changes next week (new partners, America's votes determine all), Cat calls out Karen and Victor and Ashleigh and Jakob. Okay, this is some serious lions and lambs action right here. I should also mention that Victor is wearing short shorts and a ripped black tank top that looks like he got swiped at by a tiger. Hey, BACK OFF, tigers of the greater Los Angeles area. We're reminded that Victor and Karen performed a tight and impressive tango, followed by a sloppy (and sloppily choreographed, sorry Laurie Ann) hip-hop. I was so optimistic about this new pairing, but the chemistry was not there. You could tell in the judging, when Victor would keep looking to Karen for a reaction and she kept a dead stare forward. Meanwhile, Jakob and Ashleigh were flawless on a Sonya jazz routine, and then were super wicked hot with a cha-cha. They even got Mary to cry at their impending breakup. Obviously, it's Victor and Karen in the Bottom 3. I don't think Karen has made a facial expression in three weeks. Kind of over her.

The next two couples are Kathryn/Legacy and Nathan/Mollee. The latter delivered a fairly surface-level hip-hop that Nigel deemed very "Dolly Dingle's Regional Hip-Hop Class 101," and thus giving me a joke I will no doubt end up repeating quite a bit. Then they did a cancan which ... was a cancan. Since nobody knows what looks like a good cancan as opposed to a bad cancan, everybody just agreed they were great. Legacy and Kathryn performed Sonya's other amazing jazz routine and then delivered a waltz that, while technically flawed, was also incredibly moving. Also, they are in love. Personal opinion. Because we are living in a just universe (at least at this second), Mollee and Nathan are in the Bottom 3. Meaning Legacy and Kathryn are Top 10! Who would have believed that coming out of Vegas? As for Nathan and Mollee, Adam notes that getting new partners (if they survive tonight) will be really beneficial to them. He also reiterated his point from last week about how Nathan is really incredibly unlikeable. Paraphrasing.

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