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The final couple of the night is Janette and Brandon, performing a Wade Robson jazz. Eternal squee! Brandon will miss Janette's Cubana spiciness. She will miss having the best dancer in the competition as a crutch. At least she admits it. They go to rehearsal and, holy crap, I've never noticed how tall Wade is. A quick search tells me he's actually 6'4", but he might as well be 7' because he towers over both of them. Imagine if he had gotten Evan and Randi. He'd have to use a megaphone! They'll be performing a playful, cartoon-like dance to "Ruby Blue" by Roísín Murphy, Wade's perpetual muse. As you would expect, it's weird as all hell, and totally awesome. They're some sort of mod sunglass-wearing mime jewel thieves or something. It's rife with all the Wade Robson tics, his masterful quirkiness, and his ridiculously on-point musicality. I swear he could make absolutely anyone appear to be the best damn dancer on the planet -- not that they need the help. And then it's over before you know it, and you're wishing they'd canned all that filler video and just given Wade an extra minute or two to go berserk.

The crowd screams wildly, and everyone on stage starts to laugh once they notice Wade and his wife Amanda wearing the goofy sunglasses. Nigel says the tonight's performances proved that there is nothing they can't do brilliantly. He says that Brandon has succeeded by overcoming his likeability issues with the judges, but Janette has truly shocked everyone. She is a salsa dancer who has excelled in every genre, even with a better-trained partner. He calls them the night's best, hands down. Mary screeches in agreement. Lambert levels. Maybe even Gokey levels? Tyce says they "have that thing" and they always do what they need to do, excellently. He says Wade's choreography was inspiring and that this was a display of technical excellence.

My guesses for the B3: Randi and Evan, Jason and Caitlin, and Phillip and Jeanine -- because they got screwed. But don't you worry, kids, there is no way in Hell that Nigel will let the chosen Chbeeb go down without a fight. At the very least, he'd toss in some Idol-style save and be all, "What? You guys don't remember Cat mentioning that?" In any case, hasta la vista, Evan. And, unless she destroys it in her solo, I'm going to say that Randi is donning her last unitard on the national stage tomorrow.

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