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Nigel compliments the dance and its choreographers but adds a proviso that the dancers must bring the style to life. He looks dramatically at Phillip and takes a pause. He surprisingly says it's the best Phillip has been outside of his own style. He notes the slip and the nerves but says he came to life. And how could he not be without a partner like Jeanine? Nigel says he would be surprised if she doesn't make it to the Top 10. Mary echoes that sentiment and says Phillip surprised her. She tells America not to count him out. At Cat's prodding, Phillip admits that he had a couple of crashes during rehearsal, so it could have been worse. Mary selectively puts Jeanine on the HTT. Sorry, Phillip! It's steerage for you! Tyce, apropos of nothing, tells everyone to "call 1-888-FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC." Oh, Tyce... He says that Jeanine is a star, the choreography was awesome, and both of them were a great package. No one mentions the motorboat incident. But it happened. Never forget!

Before they dance their final number together, Randi says she'll miss some face Evan makes that is meant to imply wanting and needing but inadvertently implies mental handicap (this last part is my interpretation because Randi is way too nice to say anything like that). Evan says he'll miss laughing with Randi and wishes her next partner well. But first, Randi will have to push her limits with a sexy samba choreographed by Pasha and Anya from Season 3. Yay Pasha! It must be noted that Randi, the girl with unitard pride, says she feels like a fool doing this dance. Yeah, honey. It's the shimmies and not your lycra onesies... Anyhow, cue music: Jubaba's "Ritmo de Bom Bom." They kick-start the routine with an eye-popping leap-lift combo. And you can tell that they are working their little Cabbage Patch asses off, but even with a strong ending, it's all still very Stagedoor to me. Again, imagine Benji and Heidi doing this. And they were cousins! (But boy could they mambo.) It's not a good sign when both of your routines just make people think of who would do them better.

Nigel gives the routine a big old "Hmmmmm..." In the '90s that would have been a compliment! He admits he doesn't see Evan as a hot samba king, whereas Randi is sexy regardless. Somehow the combination didn't come off, especially when he thinks about how hot Pasha and Anya would have done it. Word. Mary claims there was a slow sizzle. A choreographic cebiche, if you will. She does say it wasn't dynamic enough and that they need to find more fire. Tyce tells Evan to be a detective and find out what made others' sambas so much hotter. He says that Randi carried the piece. Poor Evan. Mary welcomes Randi onto the HTT and points Evan to the back of the bus. She is getting positively Mean Girls, that one. She natters on a bit more until Cat finally cuts her off -- about an hour and 45 minutes too late.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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