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Gravity Kills

Nigel says he was coming up in dance during the whole Jerome Robbins era and criticizes them for a lack of contraction, intensity and true emotion. He says they just danced the steps and didn't find their characters. He says he needs more. Cue boos from the crowd. Mary agrees that they didn't latch onto the style but thinks they did a good job regardless. She says they're a force to be reckoned with, particularly in respect to technique. Tyce, who Cat points out specializes in Broadway, says they weren't grounded enough to express the richness of the number. He does say he thinks they'll be sticking around for a while regardless.

Caitlin will miss Jason's hugs. Jason will miss her stupid jokes and general vivacity. But first they'll dance to a lyrical jazz routine by Mandy Moore. Mandy notes that this style is in both of their sweet spots, and they predict they will do really well. Mandy never lets us down by finding another song from the '80s to choreograph: Maria McKee's "Show Me Heaven," which appeared on the Days of Thunder soundtrack. I love how obsessed Mandy is with the '80s. I harbor suspicions that she actually lives there and just leaps forward, Sam Beckett-style to choreograph for this show. The piece is lovely, though I am distracted for most of it imagining Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman doing the dirty. Jason's pecs are working hard for the money, and Caitlin is nothing short of graceful. Still, they're still hanging in the shadow of Kupono and Kayla's first dance of the night, particularly in this style.

Nigel enjoyed it. He credits their hard work and Mandy's beautiful choreography, though he admits he doesn't always see chemistry between them. He wanly says it was technically very good. Cat takes the bait, asking Mary if she saw the chemistry. Mary says she does see chemistry but says the routine was missing magic. She wonders if it will be memorable. Tyce thinks they stepped up to Mandy's partnering challenges but warns them not to play it safe. In sum, it was not "Gravity." I'm sorry, but I pity the fool who follows a Mia Michaels routine. That shiz broke me and put me back together and broke me all over again. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die." Damn you, Mia Michaels for making me quote Rachel Zoe!

God bless 'em, Jeanine and Phillip are screwed again. After the Russian debacle, now they have to try their hands at the jive. Jeanine will miss Phillip's big heart. He will miss her positivity. Tony and Melody return to teach them, and there is talk of smooching, sailors and sass. Phillip notes some awkward groping moments in the dance. In any case, Jeanine hopes they do better on ballroom than last time. They're dancing to "Stuff Like That There" by Bette Midler. Phillip seems to be holding his own, he's by no means a master. And then. Oh. My. God. HE'S MOTORBOATING HER! This distracts him sufficiently to make him nearly fall in a subsequent slide across the state. From that point, he never really gets it back. She does some cartwheels. They do some tricks. And he wraps up with the same break dancing spinning, leg flipping thing from the Russian number, as if to say, "Remember! I'm talented at something! You love me! Don't vote me off!"

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