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Gravity Kills

Cat throws to Nigel, who stays very quiet for a few moments before rising to his feet. Tyce and Mary follow in suit. Cat lets the kids give props where props are due: to the choreographers. Nigel says it's the closest any ballroom routine on the show has ever come to perfection. Cat moves onto Mary, and Nigel warns "If that train ain't comin', there's gonna be bloody trouble." Mary says it was outstanding, that Brandon has yet to disappoint her. She calls Janette flawless and upgrades them both to first-class tickets on the HTT. Screeching. Tyce calls them a power couple because of their attention to detail. Somehow their dancing is like making orange juice? Unreal. Wow, he's really trying to upstage Lil' C with the nonsense critique.

Before we get on to Round 2, Cat pulls the old switcheroo, telling us that next week the dancers will pick new partners. Melissa gets surprisingly emotional when she talks about letting go of Ade. Ade's still got his magic Afro pick, so he don't give a what-what! For their final routine, the two of them will switch it up with a Ron Montez-choreographed waltz to Mary J. Blige's cover of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." Melissa really gets to exploit her ballet skillz and Ade keeps up with her by doing about 10 turns in a row. This routine couldn't be farther from disco, but they're killing it, too.

Nigel compliments and critiques them in very specific ways, meaning that it was spectacular. His only quibble: Ade didn't have enough rise-and-fall from his feet. Mary also loved it, but nitpicks that Ade missed a little power in certain moves, such as twinkles. Teehee. Power twinkles. She calls Melissa "mesmerizing" and says she's like a fine wine -- you know, since she's a Methuselan 29 years old. Mary says she'll be sad to see all the partnerships break up next week. Nigel snarks, "Does that mean I get a break from you next week?" Her response? "Pipe down, English Muffin!" You know she has been waiting, literally, five seasons to use that line. Then Cat segues by calling Tyce a "Brooklyn Brownie." Oh, dear. Let's not start with this... Tyce gives them both constructive critiques in very specific areas because he can't think of anything overarchingly bad to say.

Before they make their second appearance on stage, Kayla reveals that she'll miss Kupono's energy. For his part, Kupono will miss Kayla's sweaty, clammy hands and feet, which she'll use in a Broadway number by Joey Dowling. The dance is about love at first sight. Joey emphasizes acting, intention, and JAZZ HANDS! The music is "The Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story (The New Broadway Cast). It's classic Broadway stuff: smiley and big and JAZZ HAND-y -- and well danced at that. But... meh. Can they just do "Gravity" again?

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So You Think You Can Dance




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