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Nigel compares Caitlin to Grace Kelly, saying she made the moves look simple and gentle. He compliments Jason's footwork and says they've both improved since rehearsal. Mary thinks it was tremendous and agrees with Nigel that it suited them. She semi-screeches for their elegance. An ironic juxtaposition, if you ask me. Cat jokes that Mary is stealing Tyce's snaps, so he outsnaps the shit out of her. Take that, Murphy! Tyce says they both looked like stars, though he does think they didn't glide enough. He urges Caitlin to push herself a bit. Commercials.

After the break, Cat pimps the Top 10 and the upcoming tour before introducing Jeanine and Phillip, who will learn Russian folk dancing from Youri Nelzine and Lilia Babenko. They acknowledge that they're up to a major challenge, because it's such an unfamiliar style. They will dance to "Kalinka" Barynya. It starts off quickly, with lots of exciting turns that could set an amazing pace... and then there's about 60 seconds of dawdling around. They wrap up with some spectacular elements (Phillip doing the sitting leg kicks like a champ and throwing in some break dancing moves, Jeanine twirling in beyond-grande pliƩ,) that probably took up 90% of their rehearsal time. Honestly, I don't know whether to blame the music or them. Often you can tell when the dancers could have done a lot more but just didn't quite get it -- and I'm sure that's a major factor here -- but I'm not sure how much more excitement they could have put into some of the music itself. Long story short, they tried really hard and fell short. And they know. And you can see it on their faces.

Nigel claps a bit but has a disappointment face. He wonders whether they asked them to do enough, nay, whether they should have ever put this particular dance on the program at all. Well, Nigel, not everyone can be Joshua, can they? Indeed, Nigel compares it to Joshua and Twitch's ridiculosity from last season and says this rendition was a little "folk-y" (read: amateur) and that he needed some vodka to get through it. He compliments Phillip's legwork (a.k.a. his break dancing non sequitur) and says Jeanine was beautiful, but mentions that this dance was less about them than the dance style itself. Mary starts with the positive: Jeanine was in character from beat one and Phillip can does those sitting kick thingies like a motherfucker. However, as a whole, it didn't reach the level of difficulty the show demands. Nigel reassures them they have another routine to make up this deficit. Tyce takes a more positive tack, saying they -- especially Philip -- did damn well considering they worked on the dance for such a short time. Cat reiterates Nigel's plea for voters not to make up their minds yet. I love how the whole Fuller/Lythgoe franchise has totally given up on pretending it has no agenda. See: Adam Lambert.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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