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Cat gives us the heads-up that, this week, the couples will be doing two dances instead of one. Credits, then requisite dance-troduction to those 12 scamps we've come to know and love: Randi, Evan, Kayla, Ade, Janette, Jason, Melissa, Brandon, Jeanine, Phillip, Caitlin and Kupono. Brandon wins this week's battle over who can do the most in eight counts. Jeanine and Caitlin tie for who can do the least. They accost Cat before leaving the stage to get into their costumes. Cat reminds everyone of the two dances and that the loss of two more dancers tomorrow night will result in a Top 10. She introduces the judges, and it's away we go!

Melissa and Ade will do a disco by Doriana Sanchez. It is an unfamiliar style for both of them, but Melissa seems the more nervous of the two. They predict it could breath-taking or a bloodbath. Doriana says they should "Pray to the disco gods." They swagger out to "Move on Up" by Destination. And from count one, Melissa is a funky white girl and Ade is suited up like a human disco ball. Ain't nothin' natural about that fabric, and it's disco-tastic! They are shaking it like the rent is due tomorrow. And killing it. They dance like they've never heard of exhaustion and do pretty much every show-stopping lift in the book and nail it. And then, at literally the last second, she falls! Oh no! But it doesn't even matter because that was awesome. And she gets up with the sass in the ass, all "What? Did you not just see everything I did before that?" Talk about a way to start the show!

Nigel agrees with me. He says that was appropriately exciting for disco and compliments Ade's lifts. He laughs that the American Ballet Theatre is in town soon doing Romeo and Juliet, which Melissa and Ade did on the show last week. He laughs that they might take some tips from the couple and do disco during the intermission. He says they were both fantastic and tremendous, adding that, if Melissa had to fall on her ass, she picked the best time to do it -- at the end of the routine. He congratulates them for being a strong couple and showing it once again. Moving on to the shrieker... er... I mean Mary. She echoes Doriana telling them to "Pray to the disco gods" and asks Tyce for an "Amen!" He gladly obliges. Screeching. She says everyone needed a disco pick-me-up today and says they provided it. She compliments Ade for finally letting go. His profusely dripping sweat is all, "I heard that!" She says Melissa let it rip tonight, too. Another screech-Amen. Tyce sums the routine up best: "That was friggin' great." He notes how Melissa, the ballet dancer, has shown growth and Ade embodied disco. More screeching. OMG, save me! Do they have Murphy corks?

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