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Danny's up next (UNDERSTANDING) for his solo, and it's good, only when he screams it sounds like he's just hit his thumb with a hammer.

Sara and Neil are dancing a disco routine choreographed by Doriana Sanchez, who -- well, if there's a worldwide pancake makeup shortage soon, blame her.

"Knock on Wood" by Rachel Stevens features Sara in a pink dress, and Neil in a blue suit. She starts on stage, while he enters by means of a few twirls and then a spectacular flip. He holds her and spins around, and then there's some classic Saturday Night Fever moves. It's so good, so much fun. I'm not the biggest Neil fan, but I think he's suited for the cheese of disco.

"When it's like that, I love disco," says Nigel, adding that it's great to see them enjoy themselves, and also how great it is to see him without goggles this week. Mia pretends to get upset at the poke at her routine from last week. Mary loves it as well, praising Neil's flip, pointing out that he spread his legs at the top of it, and how rare that is and to come out of it with so much control. Mia says she had a great time, and calls them the "biggest dorks in the best possible way." Thanks for sharing your dance knowledge with us there, Mia. I'm really learning a lot from you.

Now the dancers get lined up to hear the judges' assessments of their solo routines. Nigel says Jaimie has a single emotion. "There's no dynamics to your emotion whatsoever," he says. Mary loved her. Mia says she danced it really well, but she agrees with Nigel in that she's hit a plateau. Dominic: Nigel thought he was tight, and technique-wise he was lacking. Mary agrees with that. Mia thought he was "committed" and "in it" and then says she thought it was up to the dancers to take the piece Wade gave them and make it their own, and she doesn't feel any of them really did that. Sara: Nigel tells her she's a small person, so she has to make her dancing bigger. Mary says, "It absolutely connected with me." Mia also thought she did a great job, so I guess Nigel can suck it. Pasha: Nigel says he thought Pasha was out of his league, and that he didn't get any emotion of it because he was too busy thinking about technique. Mia thought it was overdramatic and awkward. Lauren: Nigel thought she was absolutely flawless, and she was the first person to come forward with hope in their eyes; everyone else was angry or upset. Well, that's just not true. Mary loved her. Mia just draws a heart and points at Lauren, and says things like "great" and "fabulous." Hey, remember when the judges were worried about showing favouritism to Lauren? No, me neither. Neil: Nigel talks about Neil hunching his shoulders, and says he didn't get enough emotion from him. Mary agrees with Neil, in that he seems tense sometimes but also has wonderful moves. Mia literally says "ditto." Sabra: Nigel says she's one of the small dancers who dances large. Mary says she has just one thing to say, and Mia pre-emptively covers her ears, but Mary just lays down a "we're not worthy" bow. Mia says she's decided Sabra's her favourite dancer. Kameron: Nigel says he was fantastic tonight (after wondering how he lasted this far); Mary thought he did a great job too. Mia agrees, saying she applied her earlier critique to this performance, which speaks volumes about what he'd be like as a professional dancer. Lacey: Nigel brings up her supposed specialties -- Latin, ballroom and swing -- and informs her, "you've got everything." Mary agrees, calling her a class act: "Man, you can dance." Mia says she wanted more emotionally, but all around, she's just "killing it." Danny: Nigel says he thought Danny put his own feel on the dance, calling him honey that was poured from a jar, but warns him not to come off the music, and then blathers on about chipping away at Danny's emotional shield or whatever. Mary praises him, saying she felt his emotions tonight. Mia echoes Nigel's comments about breaking Danny down emotionally. "You have the potential of being in the books of history if you take it seriously and go for it…" and there's some more in there about "breaking chains" and "beyond" and whatnot. "To infinity and beyond!" chirps Cat, relieved that the judges are finally done blathering.

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