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Lauren's dancing the solo now, with PATIENCE painted on her shirt. So we're not even halfway through the solos and already I never want to hear this song or watch this routine ever again. Is this a sad song? An upbeat song? Half the dancers are smiling at the end, the others look spent.

Neil's dancing to solo, with HUMILITY on his shirt. He looks like he throws his back out during a punch. I can barely hear his scream, what with the Neil fans shrieking in the audience.

Sabra's dancing a solo. UNITY. Something about Sabra's solo hits me a little more than the other dancers; I can't really quantify it or anything. She's so good. Even her scream gives me chills.

Kameron's solo. TRUST. Poor guy has to dance after being slaughtered by Mia Michaels in her critique. But he looks the same as he ever does. These are really all looking the same to me now.

Toni Redpath is going to be choreographing Jaimie and Dominic in a Viennese waltz, which she says she's going to give a Spanish flavour. I'm no expert, but isn't it called Viennese waltz for a reason? "Man of La Mancha" by Linda Eder. The routine seems okay to me -- Jaimie's always good, and so is Dominic -- but I couldn't tell you how good a representation of the Viennese waltz this is. I suspect not very. Nigel points out that the Viennese waltz is normally in ¾ time, but this is a little more Spanish, so it's overlapping styles, and when there's too much characterization, it risks being a caricature. He calls it Groucho Marx turning into Mr. Bean. That's a little rough, but even I noticed Dominic arching his eyebrows all over the place. Nigel admits he had a hard time watching Jaimie, because Dominic was too hammy. Jaimie looks like she doesn't even understand the words coming out of Nigel's mouth, and Dominic is clearly apologizing to her. Mary also bitches about the routine, calling it cartoonish. Funny how this is never the choreographer's fault, huh? Again we have a choreographer deciding to ignore the assigned dance, and then the dancers coming in for criticism when the judges don't like it. The carriage and lines were atrocious, says Mia, adding that when Dominic jetéd off the stage, she wanted to jeté off the judges' panel. She liked Jaimie though, although she thinks Jaimie has to not have her mouth open so much. I'd say the same thing about each of the judges, really.

Lacey's dancing solo now, with PEACE on her shirt. "Very well done, sweetie," says Cat. It was good and all, but Lacey's getting to be like Meryl Streep for me. She's always good, but tell the truth, but isn't she kind of boring, too?

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