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Dominic's up for his solo. This is the same routine, right? I can't tell any difference. Dominic does his best to look all soulful when he flashes the peace sign, and looks to the sky. Big ups to the big guy upstairs, yo.

Sabra and Kameron are going to be dancing a contemporary Tyce Diorio routine. Sabra's thrilled that Dominic's not going to be dropping her anymore, and Kameron thinks that Sabra may have cooler hair than he does.

"Amazing Grace" by Crystal Lewis. There is a lot of flailing, and it doesn't do a whole lot for me until Sabra does a run and jumps into Kameron's arms, standing straight up. Half the time the routine seems more like two individual dancers rather than a couple -- I'm not sure why the choreographers sometimes do it. Nigel calls it well-danced, but then says he didn't quite believe Kameron's emotional journey. "Sabra's soaring, but I don't quite believe you did," he says. Mary agrees that there wasn't a whole lot of magic. When she gets booed, she for some reason tries to pretend that she's not saying that's a bad thing. She's critical of Kameron's extensions. She loved Sabra, though, calling her "pure perfection." Mia's even harsher on Kameron: "Kameron, I feel like you've been exposed tonight," she says, and calls him an "immature" dancer. She also, however, loved Sabra, says her career's going to skyrocket. "I can't wait to get my hands on you someday."

Sara's dancing the solo now. She's HOPE. For what it's worth, her movements seem really sharp and crisp. Or maybe Sara's just my favourite.

Pasha's up for the solo. COMMUNICATION. By now the crowd has learned to at least keep quiet until the scream, and he lets loose with a primal one. But other than, I think it's the weakest routine -- it's clearly not his thing.

Lacey's paired up with Danny, and they're going to be dancing a Dmitry Chaplin samba. Lots of playfulness in the rehearsal sequences, with Lacey proclaiming the piece is going to be sexy. "Devour me, Danny," says Lacey at one point. Danny says they're so close it's almost like they're making out.

"Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Club Des Belugas. This song is all rhythm, and Danny and Lacey are great, in all black. They're great dance-wise, but Lacey said the piece was going to be sexy, and I never buy that coming from her. Her sexiness is always a simulacrum. Even Danny seems kind of aloof. To me, both of them are working the camera more than each other. Anya would have melted the television. Nigel praises the choreographer (Dmitry was a contestant last year), but tells Lacey not to forget Danny's there, and not to play to the audience so much -- I agree with him there, not so much when he says Danny didn't forget she was there. Mary lavishes praise on Lacey, but says Danny wasn't her favourite. Mia calls it the sexiest dance so far this season. She calls Danny the "stallion" of dance. And Lacey is hot too, and ridiculous, and whatever else.

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