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Cat is wearing some sort of blue satin toga kind of thing, and when she comes out on stage, the dancers don't exit right away, so as to remind everyone that these dancers will be on the tour. Wilkes-Barre, you've been warned.

Mia Michaels is sitting in with Mary and Nigel this week, so Cat strokes her by complimenting her on her Emmy nomination. Also, important changes this week: you're no longer voting for couples, but voting for individual dancers, and the guy and girl with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

So, since we're not voting for couples anymore, the dancers will all be dancing a solo routine, choreographed by Wade Robson. Wade wanted this piece to have some meaning, something everyone could get connect to. "It's about peace. It's about the war. Anti-war. It's about peace." People always want to know, what can I do? I guess you can spray-paint things like "UNITY" on T-shirts and then dance. Take that, war!

The dancers are being partnered up randomly, now, remember, and Pasha's getting paired up with Lauren to do a Shane Sparks routine. Shane Sparks? Awesome. PASHA DOING HIP-HOP? EVEN MORE AWESOMER. Lauren's thrilled about breaking Pasha into hip-hop, while Pasha's nervous about letting Lauren down.

"Fuego" by Pitbull. Green spotlights highlight Lauren and Pasha, seemingly joined at the hip, moving as one like some kind of mechanical spider. They're wearing black outfits with a skeleton motif. They're both fantastic. Is there anything Pasha can't do? This routine rules, and it finishes up with them back locked up together. Cat can't resist saying, "It's the only way to travel…on Pasha!" Hee!

Nigel calls them "human transformers," and praises Pasha moving from Latin/ballroom to hip-hop. He also notes the judges weren't sure about keeping Lauren last week, but he's glad they did. Mary squeals a whole bunch: she liked it too. She's got a fever, and the only prescription is not more cowbell, but more Lauren and Pasha. Even Cat is all, "Pace yourself, Mary." Mia admits to being freaked out that Pasha was going to be doing hip-hop, but says he pulled it off. She also thinks that Lauren is "blowing up."

Jaimie's first up with the solo routine that will end war. She's chosen to write HONESTY on her shirt. There is leaping, some elbow stuff going on, arms moving like hands on a clock. There's a break during the song where apparently the dancers are supposed to yell, but it's kind of getting lost in the cheering of the crowd. It's going to be hard for me to judge this, especially as I'm apprehensive about having to listen to "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer TEN TIMES. The song ends with Jaimie drawing a circle (or a heart?) in the air, followed by her flashing the peace sign. Interesting: using the peace sign to symbolize peace. Bold choice.

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