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Cat asks Mia for her final thoughts on the bottom two women: Mia actually blathers about the jacket again: "Never accept a military jacket from a friend and wear it." Lauren and Jaimie inanely clap and nod sagely, all, "That's so true." Nice that Mia's now moving from a sincere apology to blaming her friend. Then she blathers on about what a pleasure it was, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, who's going home? Jaimie. The audience ahhhhs, and Lauren hugs her. Cat has to tell Lauren a couple of times to leave the stage. She starts to go, and then stops to hug the guys. LAUREN, GET OFF THE DAMN STAGE. YOU'LL BE BACK. Jaimie says, "This has been an absolute dream," and she fights back tears, but keeps smiling. Well, she still gets to tour, as Cat reminds her, and we watch the video montage. Where oh where did they ever come up with rare footage of Mary calling someone a "class act"? Cat tells Jaimie this is just the beginning.

Now, it's time for the guys, Dominic or Kameron. Mary's thoughts: she congratulates the two of them for making it this far out of the thousands and thousands of people who auditioned, and tells them this isn't the end. Then Cat totally goes and undercuts that by saying it's "the end of the road" for Kameron. He hugs Cat, and talks about how great it was to be around everyone's talent and passion, and thanks the judges for the opportunity. Cat asks him what the hardest thing has been about the competition, and he says adapting to the different styles. As we see in the montage, his hair was averse to different styles as well.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go collect from my bookie.

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