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Next up: the guys. Cat has to wait for the audience to stop screaming before she can review Neil's disco routine (why didn't we get to see his Wookie impression last night? I'm starting to like Neil!). Neil? Safe. No surprise. Pretty boy plus actually good routine (the disco, anyway) means he's staying. Now, Danny, who everyone loved last night. He's not going home tonight either, and he has a bit of a seizure when he finds out. How's that for emotion, judges! Cat says Dominic's name, and he jokingly immediately starts to head over to the Danger Zone. He danced the Viennese Waltz with Jaimie, which the judges called cartoonish. Clearly, with the way they're setting up the recaps, he's going to be in danger, since if he's safe, then both Pasha and Kameron are in danger, and we haven't recapped them yet. So, yep, Dominic's in trouble, and we'll find out after the break whether it's going to be Pasha or Kameron also in the guys' bottom two. Oh, we all know it's going to be Kameron. After the commercials, we're reminded that the judges liked Kameron's solo and disliked Neil's, and the reverse is true for their respective partner. Sure enough, Kameron's in the bottom two.

Cat asks the judges what they think of the bottom four. Mia's mullet prevents her from hearing the question at first, and when she finally does respond, she says she's "gagging," thinking she thought Pasha would be in the bottom four (and she's surprised that any of them are in the bottom four). Mary says she wishes she could save all four of them from being in danger (who would you replace them with, Mary?), and then she babbles on about them "following their hearts," so that's enough out of Mary. Nigel fesses up and admits that it's actually easier for the judges now that they don't have to make the decision.

Back from the break -- the dances are all going to perform solos. Jaimie performs to Stars' "Your Ex-Lover's Dead" which earns points from me. But if you've seen Jaimie dance solo before, you've seen all this already. Dominic dances to "It's Just Begun" by the Jimmy Castor Bunch, and he does a fantastic routine. It's frenetic without coming off as desperate (which I find Jaimie does, dancing for her life), and it ends with an insanely long headspin that may unfortunately, long-term, shorten Dominic's lifespan due to brain-squashing. Cat calls it spectacular, and you know how hard she is to please. Lauren prepares for a future career by starting her routine dancing on a table, to "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercyme. It's all right. I find I'm actually distracted by her relentless grinning. She's like the Joker. Well, at least she looks like she's having fun. Kameron's routine is okay, nothing I found special, certainly not as good as Dominic's, but it doesn't matter anyway (although if I could, I'd give him a reprieve based on the Chuck Taylors he's wearing). If I were in the bottom two, I just know I'd think, "Hey, these solos don't make any difference tonight," and I'd go out there drinking a beer and flipping off the audience for thirty seconds, and only after leaving the stage to boos would I remember that I might still be back the follow week.

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