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Cat asks Mary if it's kind of nice now that the judges aren't in control. Mary says she's kind of scared that America might get it wrong now, which they by definition CAN'T, since by the rules this show has set down, this is a popularity contest. So whatever America decides, America is right. Why do you hate America, Mary Murphy?

Special guest performer: Mika, singing some song about how everybody is going to love today. The People In Favour Of A Pleasant Tomorrow get their blood all angried up. This song features falsetto. It sounds highly danceable. Not that anyone is; apparently the audience has again been choreographed by Vegas's Synchronized Clapping Players.

After Mika finally finishes up, Cat brings the women out on stage to help fill the hour -- I mean, "recap." Hee! They're all so teeny! This recap nonsense means we're going to have to hear that John Mayer song ten MORE times, doesn't it?

Sabra is safe this week. She hugs Lacey and Lauren and hightails it off stage, where Pasha hugs her. Next up: Jaimie, who is in the bottom four (which is two guys and two girls tonight). Cat sends Jaimie over to the Danger Zone (hee! Maveriiiiiick!). We recap Lacey next, who gets an extra cheer from the audience. I forgot to mention last night Mary's comment about not needing a weatherman to know who blows. Or that's maybe not exactly what she said. I kid; Lacey was good, she's just always clearly performing on the surface. Anyway, she's safe. I enjoy watching Lacey receive either criticism or the revelation she's safe; she's never more genuine. When she's being criticized, she looks completely stricken; when she gets the news she's safe, she seems far more relieved than excited. It's far more interesting than watching her pretend to be all sexual like she did yesterday. After the break (and after an extremely odd freeze-framed close-up of a half-lidded mouth-open Lauren), we recap Lauren, who danced a terrific hip-hop routine with Pasha last night. It's worth noting that we see for the first time Lauren revealing that her brother's going to the war next year, in the air force. Satisfied that she SUPPORTS THE TROOPS? Sara danced disco with Neil. We also see a shot of Sara finishing up her solo last night and saying, "It's peaceful, now that it's over!" See? These dancers don't even know what the hell they were dancing about!

And…Sara's safe. Thank God! I don't dislike Lauren or anything (although she does kind of grate tonight), but she doesn't do anything for me. I think America's reacting more to the judges' tongue-bath of Lauren last night.

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