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Previously on So You Think You Can Dance, shit got real. Now the Top 10 dance and the voting public makes the final call on who's eliminated, So let's all get over Nathan, shall we?

The jidges give Cat a big whoop when she reminds them they are no longer burdened with the eliminations. Cat also reminds us that the old pairs were broken up after last week, so new partners Ryan and Noelle will be dancing a "not safe for work" NapTab hip-hop routine.

Wow, no rehearsal montage, just straight into the dancing! That's kind of unexpected. They're dancing to "Give It To Me Right" by Melanie Fiona, a song that samples heavily from The Zombies' "Time of the Season." The conceit here is that Ryan's the boss and Noelle's his underling, and she's gonna show him her dossier, if you know what I mean, har har har. If you're the type to get all up in arms about Napoleon and Tabitha desecrating the hip-hop genre of whatever the hell, this won't please you. I kind of don't care about that, but I'm still not a huge fan. Too much concept -- including one big-ass desk -- getting in the way of the dancing. AND it seems too derivative of NapTab's other stuff. AND I continue to think Ryan's not a good hip-hop dancer -- he's very stiff here. He's also wearing a shirt and tie, which is not going to make his fans happy, but which makes me wonder exactly how naked he's gonna get in his second routine to balance it out. As for Noelle, she does a perfectly solid job, but either her own limitations or that of her partner keeps her from being great.

Nigel, being Nigel, makes sure to let Noelle that, while he didn't find her sexy last week, he certainly did this week. Gotta love how Nigel is constantly giving the girls updates on their sex appeal. Otherwise, how would they know? He compliments Noelle's technique but felt Ryan was too much strength and not enough funk. Ryan is also tanning himself into oblivion, which isn't helping. Mary thought they had "great chemistry," and Adam also found Noelle to be "smokin'." He says it wasn't Ryan's best moment but blah-blah-blah jury nullification. They just went WAY easier on Ryan than he deserved.

This whole thing where we're getting rid of the rehearsal clips is unsettling. First of all, we don't get to see anyone reacting to their new partner. Second, when Cat tells me this next couple is dancing to a "Gary Stewart contemporary routine," I don't know who this choreographer is (is he new?) and I don't know what this routine is supposed to be about? If we can't fit in ten pairs routines and ten solos, can't we just lose the solos? Anyway, I have officially registered my dissatisfaction.

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