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Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. I was just sitting down to watch this episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Won't you join me?

Cat's introduction is a trifle overblown, since the "entire lives" these dancers have been training isn't actually all that long in some cases. But I do like the backstage shots. The introductory dances are primarily notable for the way Cat rolls the R in Robert and Melinda's weird high-waisted shorts.

The judges are Adam, Mia, and Nigel again. That's not surprising, and I don't know why I mentioned it. It's more fun to watch the dancers select cards which represent which all-star they'll be randomly paired with. And you know what? I choose to believe it really is random. Why not? It's like Santa Claus.

Billy and Comfort will be doing Krump. Lauren and Dominic will be doing lyrical hip-hop, which I think Dom has a hard time saying without rolling his eyes and sneering. Adéchiké gets Allison, which means contemporary. Kent gets Courtney for jazz, and Cat asks Courtney not to eat him alive. Hey, he survived Anya; I think he'll be fine. Melinda/Ade are contemporary. Kent/Lauren are Broadway. Cristina/Pasha will be doing a Paso Doble, and I think that ought to go pretty well. Ashley will be doing jazz with Mark. Robert gets Anya and the Argentine tango, and that leaves Jose. The only all-stars not picked are Twitch, Neil, and Kathryn, so there's not much of a mystery here. He and Kathryn will be doing Bollywood. And Neil and Twitch get the week off!

Cristina has a childhood memory. Her Paso Doble is choreographed by Jean-Marc and France and has some sort of roller coaster theme. The music is not from Carmina Burana, but it might as well be. Pasha is all bare-chested and dramatic, and Cristina seems to keep pace nicely. There are a lot of dramatic poses, which is what I think of when I think of Paso Dobles. The crowd loves it, but it's not clear how much of that is due to Pasha's chest.

This time, the all-star gets to stand next to the competitor during the feedback. Nigel ticks off the requirements of passion, drama, and control, and then shouts about how Cristina brought all of that. He also briefly praises Pasha and the choreography. Mia goes with "I kinda thought it was everything," which might or might not mean anything. She liked it. Adam tried to get credit for the joke "Pasha Doble" while simultaneously distancing himself from it, then pronounces the dance "mucho caliente!" That means "a lot hot," by the way. "Very hot" is muy caliente. Sorry, Adam. He loved it, and Pasha leaves just before the Brand New Phone Numbers.

Adéchiké also has a childhood memory. He'll be doing a dance created by Mandy Moore, who happily announces that this dance doesn't have a story at all. Suits me. Incidentally, at one point in the rehearsals, Mandy's assistant almost walks into the shot but steps back quickly. In case you were under the impression that the rehearsal footage was just caught be accident. Anyway, this is a very Mandy Moore piece. I like this one section where Adéchiké is standing and Allison is on her knees behind him and their movements mirror each other. It's very nice and it doesn't feel like a new dancer with an all-star. Although that might be because I don't remember Allison. Nigel recommends that Adéchiké flow into the movements more, because he sometimes seems to gather himself a little before launching into something. Mia wants him to tap into joy. She wants him to remember that dance is both an art form and a heart form. Adam goes with the theme and wants Adéchiké to get out of his own head. Then, as an afterthought, he mentions that it was a nice routine that was danced beautifully. Allison is sent off to the wings without anyone having mentioned her or referred to her in any way. It's weird, but I think it's less weird than having the all-star partner not there at all.

Alex, too, has a childhood memory. And a lot of footage of himself as a dancing youngster. Tyce will be creating his own take on "The Fosse Style." Because one thing Bob Fosse needs is some Tyce DiOrio. The number is to "Summertime" (by Sylvester, not Macy Gray or Janis Joplin) and there's some strutting around the stage. There are also some hats that get flung away halfway through, and I can't help noticing that for most of the time, Alex and Lauren don't seem to be interacting at all. But that's just me. Nigel is kind of sad that Alex didn't know much about Fosse and recommends Kiss Me Kate and The Little Prince as being Fosse in kind of a classical mood. He also, as a throwaway, dismisses the very idea of "the Fosse style". Then he manages to tear himself away from talking about Bob Fosse (which he would be delighted to do all night) and complains about Alex's shoulders being too high. Cat steps in to let Alex say that he did watch a bunch of Fosse on YouTube, and Mia also wants to talk about how Fosse is about an inside power, not just tricks and technical accuracy. Also she doesn't like the costumes being sort of winter-themed while they danced to "Summertime", which is an interesting point. Adam thinks it was "the antithesis of Fosse" because it was all big. Alex thanks them for the feedback and talks about how he's here to learn things he couldn't learn in a ballet company.

Ashley was once a child and has some related memories. She's got Mark and the two of them have Travis. "By the end of this dance, Mark is going to be my boyfriend," she vows. Mark's role in this dance is mostly to carry Ashley around, but I guess he does it acceptably. After some people in the crowd wish Ashley a happy birthday, Nigel complains about Travis's choreography, which he feels was insufficiently jazzy. It was more like contemporary in his opinion, and that means he didn't get to learn if Ashley can dance outside of contemporary. He's also a little worried about the women, since there's a chance the men will get all the votes. Mia also complains that it wasn't jazz, but she wants Ashley to know that she's one of Mia's favorite girls. Of the four that are remaining, I guess. Adam describes the dance as "lifty," which I agree with.

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