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There Will Be Blood

Jordin Sparks brings her pretty, likable enthusiastic self out on stage to sing some forgettable song that inspires the audience to new heights of synchronized clapping.

The girls are up on stage first, but Nigel addresses everybody, saying all the dancers have been in the bottom three two or three weeks running. "America's trying to tell you something," he says. Then he asks Chelsea to step forward and cold-bloodedly puts the cattlegun to her forehead and pulls the trigger. She's gone. No advice, no critique of any of the dancers. After the montage, she says she still has so much to learn, and that she was privileged to share the stage with the other dancers. "I'm happy to have been here."

Nigel tells Matt to step forward (and after the ruthless way Chelsea was dispatched, there's a brief scare that Matt's next) and then tells him to go sit down, because his solo was brilliant. It's time for Chris to take his bland self home. I like the guy; I'm just saying, this time tomorrow, I will have forgotten he was ever on this show. He calls it a dream come true, to work with everyone. "I love you all, thanks for everything."

So that's it -- wait, who's that guy up there with Cat and Chelsea? Oh, yeah. Chris.

For more fabulous SYTYCD videos, click here. Think Chris and Chelsea got a bum deal? Talk about it in our forums.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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