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To "The Dance" by Charlotte Martin the top sixteen dance a black-and-white Alice in Wonderland nightmare with creepy clowns and jesters and umbrellas and a very emotional Comfort, on a stage bathed in white. Then men use poles to jump and vault, and stand like statues on a garden path as Cat strolls out. It's a Mia Michaels piece that I don't hate! I mean, I liked it enough that I had no idea it was a Mia Michaels joint!

Time to find the bottom three... Chelsea and Thayne did some quickstep, and didn't seem to be too comfortable with the difficult routine, according to Adam, while Mary revoked Chelsea's boarding pass on the hot tamale train (Thayne was just hanging on). They're the first couple in the bottom three.

Mary says they had a tough dance, but enough about that! She's got to clarify what the judges will take into consideration when they dance for their lives: everything, not just the solos. Translation: we already know who's leaving tonight. Watch it, bitches.

Katee and Joshua danced a sexy samba that the judges all loved, as did the voters: they're safe. Chelsie and Mark danced the workaholic vs. wife routine that the judges all loved (backstage, Mark hilariously blows off Chelsie, saying he has to go work). So did America, or at least that portion of America that considers voting on dancing reality shows to be an important duty of all citizens. They're safe.

Back from commercial, three more couples are up on stage. Kherington and Twitch danced a cheerful hip-hop prison break routine that the judges all loved. I don't see them in the bottom three this week, and they're not. Courtney and Gev danced a rumba, with Courtney showing off half a dress (backstage antics have Gev plotzing just from watching Courtney walk upstairs). The judges loved it, and so did the voters.

Comfort and Chris are left, and it's not hard to predict that they're going to be in the bottom three, for a few reasons: a) they danced a bewildering routine; b) the judges didn't like it; and c) if they're safe, it would anticlimactically reveal that the two couples left are, by process of elimination, in the bottom three.

Adam says he's not surprised because six dancers are in the bottom three couples, and it comes down somewhat to the luck of the draw. The lesson here, he says, is to invest more than just technique. "Dancing is so much more than just steps," he says, while being careful to specify that they are indeed fantastic dancers.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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