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Katee and Joshua are doing a paso doble, choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Uh oh, stop the routine! Joshua lost his shirt! The music is the kind of semi-operatic stuff used mainly on commercials for beer and body spray. Then the strobe lights come on, and there is more angry movement. I realize this is modeled after bullfights, but other than that -- "Katee and Joshua, when they're together, true magic definitely happens on that stage, which is what it's all about," says Mary. Then she screeches at Joshua, something about how he's going to win the show if he keeps dancing like that. Nigel concurs, which Mary thinks is permission to start screaming again. Okay, seriously: why is anyone still encouraging this obnoxiousness? Oh, she's just "enthusiastic." I'm sorry. I used to have FUNCTIONING EARDRUMS, but at least you're enthusiastic.

Courtney dances a solo to Elisa's "Rock Your Soul." She flails her arms around, twirls and spins, and it's over before anyone has time to even yawn. I mean, it's really not the dancers' fault; they only have thirty seconds, so they're obligated to cram everything in there, and they all end up looking the same.

The final solo is Mark, who dances for the please-go-away-soon Robyn. He struts around like a bird. A bird that pulls up its tanktop until it's wrapped around its neck. All right, why not?

Chelsie and Twitch are doing a Taboleon hip-hop routine. The theme: crazy conductors that are searching for control (i.e. the baton). Whuzzah? Straight from the streets of Harlem! There's even a music stand on stage, and Twitch and Chelsie strut out on stage in tuxedos (well, tuxedos with shorts and sneakers, anyway). They wrestle for control of the bright-green baton; whoever has it has control of the other. It's kinda interesting to watch -- certainly funny and inventive. Arms interlocking, legs splitting.

Adam lauds Taboleon first, and then the dancers, particularly Chelsie. Well, only Chelsie, actually. Mary says Twitch has always been stellar in everything he's done this year (for example, hard-hitting hip-hop, smooth hip-hop, and comedic hip-hop. Diverse!). Mary praises Chelsie for keeping up with Twitch. Cat asks Nigel about the performance aspect of the dance, and he says, "You can watch this show even if you don't give a damn about dancing." Yeah, I'm sure lots of people who hate dancing are tuning in every week, Nigel. As for the dancing, he offers the radical notion that any of the top six dancers could be in the top four.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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