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Twitch and Chelsie are doing a Tony and Melanie mambo. The big difference, majorly confusing Twitch, is the counting. He also has to hike up his pants, Urkel-style, so that Chelsie doesn't get entangled in his crotch as she goes between his legs. They dance to Victor Manuelle. Chelsie's in a red version of the same half-dress that she and Courtney fight over every week. Twitch isn't exactly in Chelsie's league -- she exudes an effortless sexiness that really suits the song -- but he does hold his own. Their footwork is great, and they're spinning and spinning, Chelsie shedding feathers.

Adam says Chelsie is on fire, and says Twitch was a really strong partner despite being out of his element. He also points out that dressing Twitch in black and white while Chelsie is in "tomato red" is a mistake, because his eye is drawn always to Chelsie. Mary similarly gives Twitch "huge props" for being mostly on time, despite not having much experience with this counting. She calls Chelsie a firecracker. Nigel praises Chelsie, and says Tony and Melanie did a good job choreographing a mambo routine for someone who's never done it before. But there was a point in the routine where Twitch made a mistake, during the (dance term I have no hope of deciphering), and he let it register on his face, which he shouldn't have. But overall, he did a great job.

Katee dances a football-rally cheerleader routine to Maroon 5. Go get 'em, boys! We're going for State!

Joshua dances a shoulder-shimmying, high-jump-splitting solo to Memphis Bleek. Either give the dancers more time for these or scrap them. They're really blending into each other.

Sonya Tayeh's got her hair back in a Mohawk to teach Mark and Courtney a jazz routine, which will work along the lines of the tired "battle of the sexes" routine. Speaking of tired, let's have a jazz-hands joke right off the top!

Mirah's "The Garden." Courtney's dressed in Victoria Secret's finest and a single holey stocking. Very beat heavy and headbanging. Mark, um, takes Courtney from behind. There is strutting, elbows jutting out. And Courtney wins the battle of the sexes. Sonya's out of her chair yelling at how awesome it is, or perhaps she spotted Mad Max trying to steal her gas.

"That was sick! That was so good! I loved that so hard!" yells Adam, screaming at Sonya that she's an "exciting new presence." He talks like a press release! He also says Courtney and Mark are crazy together. Speaking of crazy, Mary hollers a whole lot, and blew my speakers. Nigel talks about how that routine really personifies Sonya, and calls the routine one of the highlights of tonight's show.

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