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"Top six, America!" chirps Cat, who also proclaims this the "toughest season ever." My grandfather tells me that this show was really tough in the '30s.

Adam Shankman joins Mary and Nigel at the judges' table

Courtney and Mark are practicing the Viennese waltz with Jason Gilkinson. Mark apparently grabs Courtney's boob, which I imagine is about as threatening as the shower curtain brushing one's breast.

David Cook sings "The Time Of My Life" as they waltz across the stage, with nice turns and arm movement. This song might be a little fast for a waltz -- it has them bobbing up and down very rapidly. Nice lifts.

Adam says it's "terrifying" up there for the judges, because all the dancers are so good, and they don't know how America's going to vote. He praises Mark's "rise and fall," which is I guess what the bobbing up and down is. Mary screams something about how they know how to choreograph in the LAND DOWN UNDER! When her voice returns to normal human speaking levels, she praises the dance. Nigel also liked it, and takes the opportunity to plug American Idol, which is where that song apparently secreted from.

Chelsie comes out to dance her some old hip-shaking solo in a black dress with sparkly boobs and green fringe. She ends with the splits.

Twitch dances a slower (at first) popping solo to Midnight Star, putting in a fake gold grill and eyeglasses. Good idea, because the gimmicky solo worked so well for Will last week. Cat continues to impress by demanding he hand over the fake grill so she can try it on, spit and all.

Joshua and Katee are back together again, dancing a Tyce Diorio contemporary piece, doing a Romeo and Juliet West Side Story-type thing. To CĂ©line Dion's "All By Myself." I didn't even know she recorded this song. I suppose it wasn't cheesy enough, huh? The dancers do a nice job with the lifts and whathaveyou. I didn't hate this, like I often do. Katee leaps, legs splayed, landing on Joshua's outstretched arms. Nice. And then, at the end, I suppose, they die.

Adam falls into the choreographer's trap of thinking this is So You Think You Can Choreograph and tongue-bathes Tyce, talks about how they met while doing the Oscars in 1990, and also there's Paula Abdul! Didn't she show up for one brief on-camera appearance last year? He calls Katee and Joshua the most exciting dancers that have ever graced that stage, which seems a little bit much. Mary screeches a whole lot, and then the judges are on their feet, and Mary is having a seizure, or something. This all means she thought it was good. Nigel points out legendary choreographer Gillian Lynne in the audience; she's done Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Yes, but did she ever choreograph MC Skat Kat in "Opposites Attract"? I don't think so.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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