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Next up are Caitlin and Jason. Caitlin says Vegas Week was very trying for her, what with dancing for her life before ending up in the top twenty. She grew up in Maryland, sailing with her family. She started as a gymnast, and then she started dancing, and then she danced all over the place, and now she's here! Great story. Contemporary dancer Jason grew up in Fresno, and played sports all the time but never thought he'd be a dancer, only now he's here, and he's a better man because of it, or something. They're doing a Bollywood routine by Nakul Dev Mahajan, and he describes it as very intense. "We have to move our feet really fast, and our hands have to be right on, and our necks have to be perfectly tilted," says Jason, and Caitlin complains about not having finger muscles.

Of course they're dancing to a song from Slumdog Millionaire, because that way all the people who say they love Bollywood but only have that soundtrack can really get into it. Cool routine, though, with a handstand and snapped movements. Whirling kicks and crouches. It ends with a kiss. Cat tells them they both look beautiful, and Nigel praises the costumes. Yep, they look Indian all right.

"You guys rocked!" yells Adam, and Caitlin and Jason freak out and Caitlin jumps into Jason's arms. He says Jason's hand work was superb, and made it look effortless. "You are going to be a little force of nature in this competition if you keep this stuff up, buddy." He says Caitlin did a great job, and talks about them being in sync, and praises Nakul.

And then Mary screams that she's glad "Bollywood came to Hollywood," like yes, OF COURSE THEY RHYME, and then she screams some more things that had my dog in pain. And then Nigel has to point out that they had a Bollywood number last year, long before the whole Slumdog phenomenon happened, lest anyone think that SYTYCD is just following the crowds, and I hate to point out that a bunch of people seeing Slumdog Millionaire hasn't exactly transformed North America into a bunch of sari-wearing Bollywood fanatics, so I don't know what his point is, but if he's so keen on having this show ahead of the curve, then maybe we could go more than two weeks without a routine set to a number from Chicago. I mean, really. And then he says "Jai ho!" and let's just go to commercial, please.

Janette and Brandon are up next. Janette says she was nervous when she came to the show, because she thought there'd be lots of people doing salsa. Her family is Cuban. She never really studied the salsa, it just came naturally to her. Then we see Mary crying over how awesome Brandon was in his audition, and he tells us that really "excelled" him. And we have to revisit Mia and Lil' C sneering at Brandon's ability. He says he's here to prove Mia wrong.

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