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They're doing a Taboleon hip-hop routine, which I'm sure is going to be dark and edgy. Ha ha! Tony says he feels a lot of pressure, because this is his own style that he's going to be dancing in. Would he prefer to be trying an entirely new style? I imagine then we'd have to hear the usual dancer lament of being out of their "comfort zone." From the rehearsal, it sounds like Taboleon are doing something not so happy. We know this because Napoleon says the words "hardcore" and "ghetto" and they had to tell Tony not to be so happy. So Tony shows us his "stank face."

Well, if you want some hip-hop that's ghetto and hardcore, who better than ... the Black-Eyed Peas? Oh, man. And I actually like the Black-Eyed Peas, despite their selling out to just about anyone who will have them, including, as we've seen a couple times already tonight, Target. They have headphones around their neck. I suppose that's hardcore. Herky-jerky movements, with some kicks and intertwined arms, and a lot of the locks don't seem to lock up quite tight enough. I can't watch Taboleon routines without wishing that Shane Sparks were still doing his thing on this show, but this isn't too bad. Although parts of it are hard to watch because the camera is tilted at a forty-five-degree angle for whatever unfathomable reason. The crowd goes nuts when Tony does some kind spank thing on Paris's butt. They fall backwards in tandem, bending at the knees, and then they play with their headphones and then it's all over.

Adam says he thought it was really good, in this head-bobbing way that indicates it's not going to be unconditional praise, and then says he found the costumes distracting. They're kind of like near-futuristic, in the sense of how people used to think we would be dressing now. Red and black and silver, like if the White Stripes went back to the future. Adam says that when a song has as much punch as this one does, there needs to be a little bit more rebound in the punches, but there was a little too much mush in the stops. Tony jokingly glares at him, and Adam says he doesn't want Tony to just slide by being the cute guy.

Mary says she doesn't think the routine is going to be memorable, and then she gets booed, and she says Tony was told to get more aggressive but his stank face just isn't believable yet. She thinks he's in trouble if he gets krump right now. Nigel says Paris was great, and Tony's got room to grow this season, and he's got a lot to do. He says they were just doing steps, and his "stank stank."

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