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So they dance to "I Only Have Eyes For You" by Jamie Cullum, in blue shadows. There's a lot of running together and pulling apart, and it's emotional and everything, although the feeling seems to run out midway through the routine and it kind of looks to me like they were concentrating just to hit the steps. Evan does better as a partner then I think I expected, and lefts Randi up onto his shoulder and turns around at one point, and the piece ends with the two of them collapsed in each other's arms on the stage.

Cat asks Randi if her husband's there tonight, and he's not, so Evan's safe for now, apparently. Evan's brothers are there, both Ryan, and his other brother, who, hilariously, actually has on a T-shirt that says "The Other Brother" on it.

Adam points out that despite the fact the two of them are "vertically challenged" -- they are, indeed, dwarfed by Cat -- their lines went on forever and they danced like they're eight feet tall. Adam praises Evan: "No one saw you coming," he says, adding that he doesn't think that there's a dance style that Evan couldn't conquer. Oh, and it's one of the best pieces Tyce has ever done, apparently.

Mary says when they left Las Vegas, the two of them were "at the end of the pack" for her. But "the stars have just come out tonight," she says, and then she screams, and as usual, as soon as she screeches, I stop hearing anything she says -- or anything else -- for about thirty seconds, which is usually enough to take care of anything else she needs to say.

So how does Nigel feel about Randi's dancing? "I love your hair curled like that," is what he leads with. Oh, Nigel. Then he says the dancers' control of the routine was great, and that people are going to pick up the phone to vote for them. Cat calls them the cutest couple, and you want to put them in your pocket. It kind of looks like she really could put the two of them in her pocket.

Next up are Paris and Tony. Paris was in a car accident that dislocated her seat and crushed her into the dashboard, and her left leg was numb from the knee down, and she thought she'd never dance again. But then, it seems, she did! True story. Tony is a hip-hopper who played sports all his life, including, as a photo of the youngster attests, hockey! Woo hoo! In high school he was torn between sports and dance, and had a chance to play lacrosse in college, but he chose dance, which his dad didn't like. He hopes that being on this show will help open his dad's eyes a bit more.

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