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Speaking of lose/lose, this couple is also inflicting that "Poker Face" song on us (soon to be followed up by the "Hardly Know 'Er Face" song). They're dressed in white and black and dancing in strobe lights. They get all Latiny on us. She falls backwards into his arms and he drags her across the stage. I could just think this because we already know that she has danced professionally, but she's really good, and is quite sexy at this whole sexy-dance stuff, although she does have a little bit of perma-grin head-cheerleader thing going on. Jonathan does a splits through Karla's legs, and the whole routine seems practically effortless, even though he's probably sweating like Patrick Ewing.

Adam says they were great, although he advises Jonathan to get a little more flexibility when he rolls his body -- on the replay, we can see that Karla waves like a rippling flag while he doesn't move quite so much.

Then Mary screams. Not her full-on hands-cupped-around-the-mouth crystal-shattering screech, but a lower-register, more restrained scream. Then she tries on what I assume she thinks is a saucy voice and says, "I like my cha-cha rough," and then the new button, Mary Murphy Mute, on my remote engaged and I didn't have to listen to any more. Nigel calls them another couple that have slipped under the radar up until night. "Talk about chemistry, you two just exploded on that stage!" he says, which unfortunately makes Mary scream. He says they did a fantastic job, and praises Tony for his great routine. It sounds like Adam tries to add something, but thankfully Cat's cutting him off so she can give out the digits for Karla and Jonathan.

Randi, who rocks the unitard, is paired with Evan. She talks about how she's a country girl, and the lights and the makeup and all that are very surreal to her. I'm suspicious of people who have to tell you how country they are. I mean, shouldn't Randi be dancing at a hoedown if she's that country? Broadway dancer Evan reminds us that he auditioned with his brother, and it was "bittersweet" to see his brother go home, but he's excited to get to work.

Oh no! Another Tyce piece! They're doing a jazz routine. "The piece is both physically and I would say emotionally demanding," says Evan. Randi talks about how she's married (closeup of the rock on her left hand while her hand's on Evan's back), and it's really tough for her pretend that she's in love with Evan when she's married, like GROW UP, it's called ACTING, and Evan apologizes in advance to Randi's husband, and Evan's worried because he doesn't know how big the guy is.

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