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So they're dancing to some frigging song or another from Chicago, and there is a fake old-timey movie camera set up on stage, and apparently Vitolio's film director dresses like Charlie Chaplin, or maybe everybody did before talkies were invented.

For some reason, she has a balloon that she lets go right away, and then Vitolio adjusts his tie and then goes out and lifts her into a splits, and they do some Broadway kicks and jumps, and then Asuka is behind the camera, and then she jumps onto his back, and I liked it more than the hip-hop routine. I mean, at least Broadway routines are supposed to be a little gay.

But Adam starts talking about the luck of the draw, and how they followed a really emotional piece with a real character piece. I don't know if I would have said the Taboleon piece was overly emotional. Anyway, Adam says the result is that their routine comes off as a little more artificial. Really? A Broadway routine? Huh. He does say they danced very well, and very clean, and it's clear they're very good dancers.

Mary tells Vitolio that he didn't disappoint Tyce like he was worried about, but she herself was a little disappointed. She feels that they just played it safe. Nigel says the same thing, that they really needed to put more of their personalities into it, but instead seemed too worried about their lines, which he does say were wonderful. "The choreographer can only do so much, and you had to bring yourself to the party, and you didn't quite make it tonight," he says, and Cat cheers them up by chirpily talking about how this is the first show, and we can all grow from here. Well, somebody's going to get cut, Cat. They can't all keep growing.

Karla and Jonathan are the next couple. Karla says she's performed in two Broadway shows, but felt like something was missing and really wanted to dance all the different styles on SYTYCD. Salsa dancer Jonathan started dancing because of season one of this show. "Never did I ever think I was gonna be on the show," he says, adding that being here is incredible.

They're dancing cha-cha with Tony Meredith, who tells that the feeling is -- as with most Latin dances -- that the woman is flirting with the guy and he's out to get her. There are a couple clips of Jonathan grabbing Karla's ass and then at some point it looks like he gets his whole face down there. He also sweats a lot. He says his goal is to make Mary scream, and I can only he assume he means through his dancing. He wants Mary to scream? Why even say that? If she doesn't, then his routine's a disappointment. But if she does, then she screams. It's lose/lose!

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