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They dance to "Mad" by Ne-Yo, and they start off lying on the stage, and then they get up and, just like my wife and I do when we fight, start up some synchronized popping and locking. They spin around and Jeanine jumps in Phillip's arms and they spin around, and then Phillip does some wavy arms and then they smile at each other and lie back down and then snuggle. It was OK, I guess. I wish the hip-hop didn't have to tell a story, especially since it just winds up being "We're mad at each other!" and then "We're not mad at each other anymore!" The therapeutic powers of hip-hop, I suppose.

Adam calls it "un-freakin'-real," which I think sets the bar a little bit high for this number, and he praises Jeanine for stepping it up (not in 3D though) to take on hip-hop for the opening couples number for the season, despite her lack of hip-hop experience and she's dancing with popper extraordinaire Phillip, whom Adam lauds for his generosity towards his partner and the way he's grown. Mary says, "I do hate to disagree with Adam," says Mary, like she's FOOLING ANYBODY, and then screeches, "SO I'M NOT GOING TO!" And then she babbles a whole of nonsense, and she keeps ratcheting up the pitch. I mean, she's like a tape being played on high-speed. Nigel says while Phillip's already got a following but Jeanine may have "slipped under the net" as far as being in the top 20, and I'd like to point out that maybe this show might think about wasting less time in early shows on shit like Sex, we'd know all the dancers like we know Phillip. He congratulates them both, and then, as required, praises the choreographers too. Which is kind of like Simon and Randy and Paula praises a contestant on American Idol and then adding, "Oh, and nice job, Lennon and McCartney!"

Asuka was born in San Francisco, and her mom took her to a dance studio, and she wound up sticking with ballet, until she got to college and found out about Latin ballroom. Who knew it would someday lead to Nigel making inappropriate comments about her sexiness on a national television show? Vitolio's journey has been against the odds, Cat tells us, and Vitolio tells us about his mother dying and how he grew up in an orphanage and how that was really hard.

But let's not bum everyone out too much, because we've got a Tyce DiOrio Broadway routine to rehearse! It's a silent film, Tyce tells us. Vitolio's the director and Asuka's the actress. Well, who plays the cards that show us the dialogue. Asuka says there are a lot of staccato movements and locking, which she's never done. Likewise, Vitolio said he had to really work on the locking, and he could tell Tyce was getting frustrated. Well, I don't think Tyce is really the kind to be shy about letting you know when he's frustrated. Then they all hug, so I guess Tyce isn't frustrated anymore.

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