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Adam can't believe he's using the word "special," but he is, and says Melissa is proof that you just get better with age, like you'd think she's collecting Social Security, for god's sake, and he praises Ade's power. And then Mary screams, and I really hope that we can go from "Mary screeches" as the ultimate seal of approval on this show to "Mary offers constructive, eloquent praise" as the ultimate seal of approval. Adam calls it a testament to the power of ballet training. Nigel feels it's now safe to bust out the "what an amazing top 20 we have this year" cliche. He praises the two of them, as well as Mandy (the shot of Mandy in the crowd kinda makes it look like she's naked).

Final couple of the night is Kayla and Max. Kayla was born and raised in Colorado, and she's the one whose grandparents were with her at the audition. Ballroom dancer Max's hometown is Moscow, and he came to the States when he was thirteen. His mother brought his brothers over one by one. His younger brother died five years ago in a car accident.

They're doing a samba with Louis van Amstel, who calls Max a lucky bastard for getting to dance with Kayla. Louis says he's known Max since he was fourteen years old, but there's no explanation given for that. Max says Louis is the guy who "made it all happen" in New York. Then we watch Kayla struggle to learn the routine, since it's not something she's trained for. Then we see her being awesome at it. "I think we're going to nail it," she says.

She's in pink fringe, he's in black, and they do the steps right, and she does back kicks, and he twirls her (including a cool one where she kind of bends down and ducks under his arm), but it's all kind of boring for me, even the part where they lock their legs together and shake their chests at each other. Could be it's been a long two hours and I'm getting tired.

Adam says it was so good. He has his hands on his face like he's going to turn into the Hulk. He calls Max lucky a) for getting ballroom first, and b) for getting Kayla, who he says is proof of God. Mary stands up and screams and does her train thing, and Nigel has headphones on to block out the sound, but Mary's voice knows no barriers.

Nigel lavishes the two of them with praise, although he thinks Max could stand to be a little sharper. "You have topped an absolutely brilliant night tonight," he says.

Predictions: Bottom three: Asuka and Vitolio, Paris and Tony, and Mary Murphy's vocal cords.

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