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Cat, wearing some kind of toga with a glittery spiderweb on it, announces that they've found the best of the best, who are, same as last week: Ashley, Ade, Asuka, Brandon, Caitlin, Evan, Janette, Jason, Jeanine, Jonathan, Karla, Kupono, Kayla, Max, Melissa, Phillip, Paris, Tony, Randi, and Vitolio. And in case we're having trouble keeping our genders straight, the show helpfully divides them up into girls and guys for us. Kupono's name, all of a sudden, has an accent on top of the u.

Cat waves her "new babies" off the stage. I guess she's not wearing a toga at all, but it is kind of ugly. But she could wear a burlap sack if she wants. She introduces the judges, and I kind of feel ripped off that she just lets the audience say "jidges" for her all the time.

Adam joins Mary and Nigel, who sucks up to the crowd by saying the dancers need to feed off the energy that the audience is giving. Mary babbles about how she's nervous. Then Adam talks about how he's "living in airports" because in addition to doing this show, he's producing three movies including Step Up 3D, which he tells us will feature Katee, Joshua and Ivan and Twitch. Plus it's in 3D, as apparently most movies are required to be in these days. Still, not having seen Step Up or Step Up 2: Step Harder, I'm not sure I'd be able to follow Step Up 3D.

So Cat goes over how the performance show and results show work, and then we go into a montage of highlights from the past few shows set to some cheesy ballad that I can't wait to stop hearing, and we watch dancers getting told that they made the top 20. Cat tells us it's been an "amazing journey" so far. Maybe for you guys. I've just been sitting on my ass on the couch watching television.

Jeanine and Phillip are the first couple. Jeanine gets all teary-eyed when she talks about how she doesn't have the best legs or whatever, but she has passion. Phillip talks about the creativity involved in learning his popping in his bedroom, dancing to the sound of construction outside.

They're dancing hip-hop with Taboleon, and Napoleon tells us that this routine is about a couple that can't go to sleep without .... and he trails off, and Tabitha finishes, "... resolving their issues." Sounds great! Then they overshare about having issues sometime, but they "never go to sleep mad." You know, sometimes going to sleep mad is OK. You hardly ever wake up mad. Plus you get more sleep! Jeanine says she "wants to kill it so bad," but she's worried because she's terrible at hip-hop. "I think we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us," says Napoleon, because we always have to set up the "Oh my god, this is going to be terrible"/"No, wait! (S)he was really good!" suspense thing that they like to do on this show, and then Phillip and Jeanine talk about finding a connection.

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