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Four dancers are left in the holding room, with only two spots left, one each for girls and guys. It's down to Gev and Brandon Bryant, who in a way are both winners already, because Cat gives them each a kiss. And the judges pick Gev, after talking about how tough it was. "You will see me again. I will come back," says Brandon afterwards. This is the guy who has the body my wife wouldn't mind seeing on me, so all I have to say is, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Naturally, the last two women are the roommates and best friends forever Katee and Natalie, who walk out to face the judges holding hands. Nigel asks if the one who's not picked will come back next year. Katee says this is her second time auditioning, so probably not. Hmm. Probably not what the judges were expecting to hear, and Katee explains that it was so devastating last year, and Natalie sticks up for her but the judges are not impressed. Mia says she's turned off, and from the comments by the judges, it's pretty clear who they had picked to go through. Nigel asks the girls to leave, and the judges discuss it some more, and then revote. Outside, Katee realizes that she might have just sour-graped her way out of a spot in the top 20, while Natalie consoles her. "I would come back!" wails Katee. The girls are called back in, and Nigel reveals that Katee indeed had been their choice, before she said she was going to throw in the towel at 19 if she didn't make it this time out. So they revoted. Nigel says this time there were three votes for Katee and three for Natalie (and I'd like to point out that if they originally did vote on Natalie vs. Katee instead of putting them both in the mix with all the other girls, that's kinda shitty). Nigel says that since it was a tie this time, the original vote stands. He says it like he went to an official So You Think You Can Dance rulebook or something. Natalie says she will definitely try again next year, and gives a little speech about what a great opportu--- zzzzz. "We will always respect you as a person for what you've just done," says Nigel. And backstage, Natalie, tearing up, announces Katee as the final selection. Now that is a friend.

So here's the Top 20:

Gev, Kourtni Lind, Joshua Allen, Rayven, Matt Dorame, Courtney Galiano, William WIngfield, Katee Sheehan, Twitch, Kherington Paine, Jamie, Chelsie Hightower, Chris, Jessica King, Mark, Susie, Marquis, Chelsea Trail, Thayne and Comfort.

Can't get enough of SYTYCD? Watch some videos here and here.

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