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First guy we see: one half of the dancing twins, Anthony Hart, who doesn't make it. This leads into a bunch of rejected dancers, including Bianca Revels, and that blonde salsa dancer with the black streaks. And since we get an extra long intro for Joshua Allen, we know he's going to break the losing streak. Debbie talks about how he says he's a hip-hopper, but the judges are sure they saw him do a brisé. I knew it! I know a damn brisé when I see it! I totally said, "That looks like a move wherein he swept one leg into the air to the side while jumping off the other, bringing both legs together in the air and then beating them before landing!" when I saw that. Now, Debbie Allen can sell a fake; she makes out like there could be a problem if Joshua hasn't been truthful about his dance background -- but then says he can provide some answers in the Top 20. "You were brilliant," says Nigel.

We reminisce with how it came down to Twitch or Hok last year, which was like having to pick only Gretzky or Lemieux, but not both. With no one I've seen in Twitch's league as far as the popping goes, if he doesn't make it this year, I'm going to hurt somebody.

Tabitha calls him Mr. Personality. "But sometimes personality can only get you so far," she says before talking about education and everything else that he's going to get to do in the Top 20.

Soccer player Kherington Paine is up next, and the judges talk about how so far she's done just enough to get by, and she has to be memorable -- which she'll get a chance to do in the Top 20. Rayven gets through. Matt Dorame, Thayne Jesperson, Marquis Cunningham, Mark, Comfort and West Coast swing dancer Jamie Beyard. Chris gets a personality speech as well, because all the judges think he needs to show a little bit more of it. In the Top 20, and he responds by mistaking "annoying" for "personality."

Markus Shields with his mother on a T-shirt gets cut. Derek Spiers gets a personality speech too, but it's not of the "show more personality" variety but "personality ain't enough" variety. He's out.

Jessica gets "faked out" by Mary; she's in. Contemporary dancer William Wingfield is a protégé of Debbie Allen. So is there really any question as to whether he's going to make it? Well, to head off any future questions like that, Nigel announces that Debbie Allen won't be judging the competition as long as William's a part of it. Debbie says she's happy to step aside so William can share his joy, and also possibly plant rainbows and raise unicorns.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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