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God, how often do we have to see the clips of Jeremiah Hughes' terrifying pushups? Can I send Fox some money? Well, we won't have to watch it too much longer, actually, because he has a hissyfit during the routine, stomps off stage, and then back on. He gets an earful from Mia, especially, and the judges talk about professionalism. Afterwards, he's creepily calmly apologetic, and I have to think he's trying to decide which belltower to climb with a sniper rifle.

Speaking of sniping, there goes Jason Glover! Bye! He's disposed of rather efficiently, considering how much time was spent on him earlier.

Dominic Pierson is dancing for his life, with a contemporary routine that Nigel calls "desperate" while it's still going on. And then Dominic collapses, necessitating a medic, who comes to help him offstage. The medic is then shoved aside by the judges to rub Dominic. And it's just a pulled muscle, but he gets an ambulance ride out of it.

Mark does a funny routine to "Bohemian Rhapsody," while Twitch rocks the popping. Charlotte's staying. Mark stays. Twitch stays. Leo is staying. Four are left on stage, and they didn't make it, including Sheila Kaiser, the biological engineering student whose dad doesn't approve of her dancing. Well, at least now her dad and the judges agree.

Those left are going to do solos that Nigel says will not be critiqued, but will have large bearing on whether they make it into the Top 20. "After the toughest week of their lives, it's time to leave it all on the floor," says Cat, and we watch a brilliant montage of spins, backflips, popping and splits of too many dancers to identify.

The judges deliberate while the dancers sweat it out. And as the dancers get called to the stage, they're going to walk past video screens displaying their first and last auditions.

Contemporary dancer Kelli Baker, she with the choreographer mother, is up first. "We've had long talks about you," says Nigel, because she's a fabulous dancer. He says they need to see more personality from her. It's a no right now, but they want her to come back because they all adore her. She thanks them, not just for herself, but for creating a show that showcases dancing.

Courtney Galiano is the contemporary dancer whose sweet grandparents came to the audition with her. Mary calls her a beautiful dancer, but they have to look at everything... I don't know why, but it's always obvious to me when Mary's trying to fake someone out. Courtney's through, as are Chelsie Hightower and Susie Garcia, as well as Chelsea Trayer and Kourtni Lind.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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