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Into the montage o' suck now, including Kortni and Susie. And then we get a group of dancers who call themselves "Angels and Demons." Derek Spiers admits to being the "demon," and we go back to last night and his non-stop bitching-out of the choreography. "I'm not going home for someone else' mistakes," he says, and eventually goes to bed, while the rest of the group practices until 3:30 AM. How they managed to not completely shit the bed is a mystery to me, but it looks all right for an all-nighter routine. "I thought that was really interesting," says Mary praising how it showcased all of them really well, and the judges vote for all of them to stay, but not without Nigel showing Derek the Hush Y'all stick.

Jason Glover dances for his life now, a contemporary/ballet routine, that I'll have to leave up to the judges. Mary says she sees great potential. Napoleon praises his lines and technique, but the parts don't add up to a whole. Nevertheless, he gets enough votes (Mia votes yes so she can see him dance something awesome -- her own work). Jason is just relieved not to have been shot.

Courtney, or Kourtnee or Khourtnie Pierson is among the four dancers cut by lunchtime. We're down to sixty-eight dancers, and they're going to be subjected to Mia Michaels' choreography. "Many of the dancers are starting to feel the pressure," Cat tells us, no one more than Lizz Plott, the woman representing tap. "I haven't worked this hard in a long time," she says during rehearsal, and we watch a melodramatic-mini-meltdown about how her legs aren't working, and how if she's going out, she's going out lying down on stage. When she performs with a couple other dancers, even I can tell she's struggling, but she does all right. The judges say she's doing great considering her tap specialty, and Nigel notes that she appeared stressed earlier, and Lizz launches into an hour-long tirade about how she was stressed because her legs are going to give out, and not for the reason Nigel thinks she was stressed, whatever that means. It's absolutely cringeworthy; I sat there begging her to shut up, but because I like her, and not because she's, say, Mary screeching (which has been mostly mercifully absent so far this season). Unfortunately, she talks herself right out of a spot. Mary, Mia and Debbie all put her in her place for not just accepting the notes, and she's out of the competition. To her credit, she blames no one but herself, for letting her mouth get her into trouble, and she promises she'll be back next year with a zipped lip.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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