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It's Vegas, Baby

More focus on Paige. Apparently she's been smiling ever since getting to Vegas. "But ballroom has wiped the smile off her face." She's paired with a hip-hopper, Will, and she clearly doesn't think much of him, or dealing with the crowd on the stage. You know, like EVERYBODY HAS TO. Watching them do the foxtrot, though, it's clear Will is terrible, so he'll have to dance for his life, while they're going to pair Paige with another boy later on.

That boy is Leo Routenberg (? -- forgive me, because I missed one of the episodes and this show's not doing the on-screen graphics with the dancers names, so I'm definitely going to spell some wrong, especially among the ones who get cut tonight), who knows what he's doing, which means it's OK for Paige to smile again -- at least for a little while, until she's told by un-blown-away judges that they didn't see enough "elegance and grace," at least in Debbie Allen's view. Paige's eyes widen, and then she composes herself and her cheeks re-dimple. "Jesus Christ has a plan for me," she says at the back of the theatre, predicting that this is just a "springboard" for her to something better. And then the pageant fa├žade cracks, ever so slightly, and we get just a taste of the industrial-strength tension of the pageant girl as she berates herself. "You don't fail, and if you do fail, you don't cry. And if you do cry, you go and do it in a room by yourself," says Paige, who then heads off to the bathroom to bitch about her ugly ballroom hair. I'm in favor of her going off to a room by herself to cry, and the camera should leave her alone, because she has to make out with Jesus.

Dancing for their lives: scary-pushup master Jeremiah Hughes, who gets through again. Mia tells someone that she's angry because some guy didn't dance. He just took his shirt off and stared at the judges. Really? That actually sounds kind of bad-ass. Do my abs frighten you? They should. Pick me. Will's up to do some popping hip-hopping. "Will, that was good enough to get you here to Vegas," says Nigel, who wants him to be proud for making it to the third round. But he's going home.

Those who are left are now going to be put into groups, and they're going to draw a random routine to rehearse overnight, to be presented first thing in the morning. Yes! That's right! It's the "sleep deprivation makes everyone lose their shit" portion of the competition.

Well, except for Cat, as it's seven AM, and she is just as perky as ever. When did everyone go to bed? Well, three AM., five AM, "we invented a 37-hour clock and we went to bed at 36 AM," Tap dancer Bianca Revels and her group are still working, with "one idea too many" at 4 AM. Twitch calls it poor planning. Six hours later, just before they're about to go on, apparently everything worked itself. They're dancing to "Every Breath You Take," a contemporary routine with some of Bianca's tap to finish it off -- hampered somewhat by a shoelace coming undone. Nigel says the tap was the best part, but the rest was a mess. Mary says "hot mess," which is a phrase I'm sure is going to get beat into the ground this season, and calls Bianca "selfish" for having a little section of the dance all for herself. Of the group of five, Jason has to dance for his life. From his tears, I think he's under the impression that that's literally true. Twitch blames himself, because he's supposed to be the vet who knows how to handle this kind of stuff. But it gets worse, because if dance doesn't work out, he's going to the navy.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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