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And then there's Claire Calloway, who got injured in Season 2 and in the family way by Season 3, and has thus far underwhelmed this year. The pressure is mounting, and she folds like a cheep deck chair. She could barely keep up, and gets cut. She tearfully says that even though she only got to do one choreography round, she's grateful for the opportunity. She's one of 203 dancers who performed, but not one of the 129 who made it through Day 1.

Those left have no idea what to expect the next morning, but they were told to wear "sexy and sassy." I assume, failing that, "skanky and slutty" is also acceptable. Legally Blonde dancer Paige figures the front of her black dress isn't low-cut enough, so she wears it boob-enhancingly backward.

Tyce Diorio is doing a Broadway routine for the dancers today. Erica gets a little mini-feature before being partnered with another girl, Britney Parks, since there aren't enough boys left for the routine. This is why fathers should be encouraging their sons to dance. Nigel tells Britney she did the boy part better than some of the men. And then he lowers the boom on Erica by telling her no one was "feeling" her. She's clearly not expecting that, but thanks them anyway for the opportunity. Outside, her emotions catch up with her and she talks about all the money she's spent, and how hard it's going to be to tell everyone she didn't make it.

Mia puts through -- man, I can't remember the names of these people. Except Susie Garcia. Does that make me Nigel? A bunch move on, and everyone yells and laughs, and the judges may be drunk.

The dancing twins -- aw, I have to look up how to spell their names. There we go: Anthony and Antwain Hart. Antwain is worried the judges are going to split them up. You'd think they were Chang and Eng, for crying out loud. After their routine, that's just what happens; of the bunch on the stage, Anthony is asked to step forward, and he's the only one of the group moving on. He seems to take it harder than his brother that Antwain is done, and they hug a lot before separating. The cuts continue, including one woman who has no idea why she got cut. So her theory is that she's not as pretty as "all these little blondies running around" and snaps that she's not going to get plastic surgery for So You Think You Can Dance. How about a personality implant? Not for the show, but just for your general well-being?

We're down to ninety-four dancers, and Jean-Marc Genereux and his wife France are choreographing a foxtrot for them. Hip-hopper Joshua Allen is getting frustrated -- he's partnered with Comfort, also from Dallas, but they're facing their "toughest challenge yet." After they're done, Mia tells them that for hip-hoppers and poppers they were wonderful. The two of them start crying, figuring they're done... Like bawling, like mother's-funeral waterworks. Mia twinkles as she says that while parts of it was a "hot mess," they're moving on to the next round. "But not everybody was so lucky," says Cat. Like that one chick and that other chick!

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