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Cat welcomes everyone into the theatre in Vegas using a megaphone, and she's almost trampled as they all rush in to take their seats in front of the judges table. Joining Mary and Nigel are Tabitha and Napoleon, Mia Michaels, and Debbie Allen (wearing giant sunglasses inside, god bless her). Nigel tells them he's looking for stars. "If you're not a star, get off the stage!" No one leaves. Not immediately, anyone. The dancers are getting one hour to learn a dance routine from Tabitha and Napoleon, and it doesn't take very long for Robert Muraine to be miserable. This was the popper from Santa Monica whom Nigel called his favorite dancer of the year so far on the first episode, and he says he's never done choreography. This is something I'm sure is true of many of the other dancers as well, but we're focusing on Robert, and his carping. He tells other dancers that he doesn't want to screw up a partner, which is a copout, given the judges are able to tell when it's your partner who sucks and not you.

Wind of Robert's misgivings have reached Nigel, who calls him up on stage to explain himself. Robert offers the "don't want to bring down a partner" excuse, but Nigel can't believe he's come this far but already wants to throw in the towel. He asks Robert to dance his solo for Debbie and Napolitha, who haven't seen it yet. I missed Robert's audition episode, and if this is the same routine, I'm sorry I didn't see it the first time. It's so good, even though Robert kinda looks like he doesn't care. He jumps, does a 360 and lands and the floor cross-legged, for god's sake. He twists his arms and legs and torso and folds in on himself. I expected to see him wink out of the third dimension altogether. He's fantastic. He gets a standing ovation. Debbie Allen calls him amazing, and wants to know what he's afraid of. Mia tells him not to quit, and also not to shit on the gift he's been given. Nigel asks him point-blank if he's going to stay or go. "I'm gonna go," says Robert, and he's gone.

So let's get to who stays. Courtney Galiano and Rebecca Hart, contemporary both. They're in the first line of dancers performing. Courtney? Staying. Rebecca? Gone. The judges mean bidness, Cat tells us. The strip club deejay is gone, but that might have been for skeevy quarantine reasons. One dancers seems terrified that they're cutting more than half. They're cutting down to 20, babe. That's a lot more than half. Turns out her math is off anyway, since by 3 PM 150 dancers had performed, with 62 getting cut. And by 4 PM, it was time for the successful dancers to relax poolside

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