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It's Called An Indoor Voice, Mary

Mary says this is something she's never said in five seasons of this show: "Jonathan, you danced that style better than your own." OK, but how many dancers named Jonathan have been on this show? I don't think she's had that much opportunity to say that. And then she spoils the moment by screeching "THAT IS CRAZY!" And she yells about how they've gone from underdogs to the spotlight, and blah blah blah, she's spellbound.

Nigel FINALLY takes over to talk about Jonathan's centre of gravity, which was almost like "tai chi," and he says there's a real lesson to be learned, because they were very close to being cut last week, but have grown (which, if you think about it, is really an argument to keep twenty dancers all season long so they can all get better all season) and then he praises Stacey, who he calls the best choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Well, yeah, but every other choreographer is forced to choreograph dancers in hockey skates. So it's not fair.

Lil' C says he danced the routine beautifully, and maintained their posture, blah blah blah, and overall it was "buck." Cat tells the dancers they gave her the first "Deeley chills" of the season.

Phillip and Jeanine are up next. Jeanine says Phillip is a "super-nerd." He's in fact an engineering physics major and fascinated by science fiction, and he apparently has a reptile collection, and at one point he had forty reptiles in his room. Wow. Now that's interesting. A quirky hobby. So what about Jeanine? Well, she has a teddy bear.

SHE HAS A GODDAMN TEDDY BEAR, AND SHE DRESSES IT HOWEVER SHE WANTS. Jesus Christ. "I have a dog!" "I like to text!" "I have a teddy bear!" Melissa pops by to say that she remembers when teddy bears were invented, and how she voted for their namesake, Teddy Roosevelt.

They're dancing a tango with Tony Meredith. Phillip says he's tried to get a lot of ballroom basics, but not tango. Tony does admit to being surprised at their lack of ballroom knowledge. And in the course of the lifts, Phillip and Jeanine almost inadvertently have sex with each other, as usual.

It's a very slow, careful at first. Leg kicks, and Phillip spinning Jeanine around. If I had to guess, the tango is one that doesn't place as much demand on them as a pair with more knowledge, so it looks like they've danced it about as well as they could, like when they move backwards doing the tango crossover step thing. Overall, though, it just didn't really catch fire for me. Mary gives them an "a-plus" for attitude, but in technique it was really more of a C-minus. Nobody even really boos her, because everyone knows she's right. She says Jeanine was better out there than Phillip.

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