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Cat tells them they looked "exquisitely beautiful" out there, before suspiciously starting with Mary first. Mary's moved to the point of tears, and says she was disappointed with them last week, but not this week. She says this was the most honest she's seen Vitolio dance so far, even if a couple of the actual movements weren't as strong as they should have been. Asuka had a passion in her that she loved, and Mary credits Louis for that.

Lil' C says the choppy steps that Mary referred to were balanced out by the sincerity of his emotion. "You're not afraid to be vulnerable," he says. He then talks about Asuka's "dominant submission," which is something about being able to lead but letting Vitolio do it, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Nigel says anyone who wasn't moved by the beauty of that dance is heartless, which is rather harsh, and that they brought a quality rarely seen to their performance. He feels like he's seeing a different couple up there this week. Kinda tough to compare the two dance styles, though, isn't it? Anyway, Nigel says he hopes their quality is recognized by the country.

Kayla and Max? Max is the "house dad," Kayla tells us, because he likes to cook for the other dancers at the SYTYCD Compound or wherever it is they stay. Max, though, says he's called the "housewife" and it's not cool. As for Kayla? "Kayla likes to text a lot," says Max. Oh, fucking FASCINATING. "I can't put my goddamn cellphone down! That's the most interesting thing my partner was able to find out about me!" She says she can text a hundred words a minute. Well, when "C" and "U" are considered words, I guess I believe that.

Brian Freedman is doing a pop-jazz routine, which is about a princess. Max is coming in to perform for Kayla, but he's got an ulterior motive: stealing her throne. And knock me over: Kayla says playing a princess came easy to her. "This is a very strenuous routine when it comes to body," says Brian.

Spotlights on the stage highlight the path between Max to Kayla, who's lounging on an old-timey couch. A "settee," I believe. There's a whole lot of preening and prancing by Max, and some of the same from Kayla as a reaction as he dances towards her. Max practically covers the whole stage as he leaps into a forward roll. He stands up on the settee or the table in front of it, which is where he lifts her up and they start dancing around together. I can't even begin to describe this, even badly as I normally do. Then he kills her through the power of dance, which was kind of cool, and takes over the settee.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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