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Nigel blows a lot of hooey about how they expect this hard edge from hip-hop (which you'd never know based on all the praise heaped on Taboleon's routines). He says Shane changed up his style to fit the dancers, neither of whom are especially hard-hitting hip-hoppers, and he thought they looked good up there.

Janette and Brandon! Brandon says when Janette was little she had the worst teeth ever! Judging from the photos, "worst teeth ever!" means "big front teeth!" I mean, it's not like she was Shane MacGowan, for god's sake. Janette tells us that despite Brandon's body, he has never worked out a day in his life. I think it's cute that she believed him when he told her that. Well, I suppose when you're lifting partners over the head all the time, you don't need a gym.

This week they're dancing disco with Doriana Sanchez, who is excited to work with them because they're both exceptional dancers. Brandon's a little disconcerted by the fast pace of the music, but he seems to pick it up quickly, as opposed to Janette, who apparently shuts down despite Sanchez going all "Latina power!" on her.

So they get their groove on to "Loving Is Really My Game" by Brainstorm, dancing around in spotlights that are alternately white and multi-colored. Absolutely frenetic pace, like it's more of a disco workout than a dance. The two of them spin around, then lock arms and push in and out. Brandon lifts Janette up on to his shoulders, her legs spread out, she's facing away from him, and he twirls around. Synchronized stepping, and then Brandon does a couple of back flips. The beat slows down and they embrace for some dips. Brandon flips her through his arms and onto the floor, where she spins around on the floor. Some high leg kicks by Janette, and some arm waving, another lift (Janette horizontal out) and into the finish, Janette laid backward against Brandon's leg.

Lil' C says the "primary focus of all obstacles is to induce labor, so progression can be born." People start to titter, and he orders them to follow him, and says he just saw the "birth of progression" in two dancers, and proceeds to call Brandon amazing while not at all owning up to slamming Brandon before. Notice, though, that he cagily talked about progression. So it's not as though Lil' C was wrong about Brandon before; rather, Brandon is getting better. Right? Lil' C talks about a stumble from Janette towards the end (right before her high kick) but it was OK because she recovered and kept it going. "You did not break character at all. Good job. Good job, both of you guys."

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So You Think You Can Dance




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