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Nigel says he likes the way Sonya's routines allow the dancers to show off technique, and talks about Ade's jumps in the hurdle position, and he says if he didn't know Melissa was a ballerina, he never would have guessed it. "That was a great routine from Sonya, I thought you danced it brilliantly. Well done," he says. To be fair, Melissa cut her teeth dancing the Charleston in the '20s, so she should be good.

What secrets do Caitlin and Jason have? Caitlin says Jason had a serious obsession with Michael Jackson. Which isn't surprising for a dancer. What makes it awesome is the home video of a Michael Jacksonfied Jason practicing his Gloved One dance moves, including the fantastic "wearing an open white shirt while standing in front of a fan" move. Sweet. Jason tells us Caitlin talks in baby voices all the time (which didn't surprise me) and also that she likes to act like a velociraptor (which did). Amusing footage follows.

Yay! Shane Sparks hip-hop routine! Caitlin explains that it's about a couple who meet in a bar and have an intense relationship for a week and then she leaves and then he sees her again and wants her back. Shane Sparks' face on television earns a little cheer from the audience. "Chemistry is the story. That's everything," he says. Then we get to enjoy one of those annoying bits in which we're reminding that all dance couples are just inches away from having sex with each other, in this case, because Jason's pants kept slipping down.

"Missin You" by Trey Songz is the song. The dancers sit on opposite sides of the stage. Jason gets up, does some herky-jerky popping while Caitlin strolls around all forlorn, and then they bump into each other and start to get their groove on. Caitlin slides along Jason's back. She puts her hands on his hips and slides her hands down his pants, which manage to stay on. Jason freezes while Caitlin gets her hip-hop on, which didn't do a whole lot for me, with its Mick Jagger rooster strut, crouched-leg spread and arm-waving. At least the effort's there. Jason gets back in action as the two of them get closer and push away. Caitlin bends over backwards and does a ... what is that called? Backwards somersault? It looks cool. The two of them wind up in each other's arms.

Lil' C notes that the audience loved them, but he did not. He says the choreographer's fantasy has to become the dancers' reality, but he felt it became a "nightmare" for them up on stage. He says the moves were sharp and clean, but because of that it came off corny. Mary says it came off like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears dancing together. Both great dancers, but different dancers, and she points out the less-than-synchronized body rolls they did. Awesome. Actually useful critique from Mary, with corresponding footage! Yay!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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