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This week, they're doing jazz. Ade's excited. Melissa is too, unless they're working with Sonya, in which case they're "gonna die." I don't think Melissa means that figuratively, either. I think Melissa is worried that Sonya might actual kill them in some kind of post-apocalyptic battle arena.

Of course they get Sonya, and she immediately steals Ade's "lucky pick" and sticks it in her own hair, and then she prattles on at us about how this dance is about a high-maintenance girl and the cliché man who hates to lose, and I think it's awesome that Sonya is throwing clichés at us. Ade throws Melissa around, and then Melissa jumps on Ade's back. Melissa says she needs to work on getting the sweet nice ballerina out of there, and Sonya talks spacily about getting Melissa to dive into the mud. Ade figures they're going to "kill it," which is something he's said nearly as often as Evan and Randi said "fun."

So they dance to some kind of techno tune by Terry Poison, and the piece starts out with Melissa already on Ade's back, hampering him while he tries to move. He's shirtless in black leather pants, she's shirtless in tight pink pants. This is jazz? This looks like ... I don't know, contemporary hip-hop. Ade helps Melissa through a back flip, then kicks his leg over her. He pirouettes, picks her up, spins her around, her legs sticking straight out. As promised she jumps on his back, which makes him struggle to move, and it ends with him dipping her and freezing. "You looked like two naughty rock and roll imps up to no good," says Cat.

Lil' C says, "That was buck," and Cat, Melissa and Ade do a celebratory chest bump. Lil' C reminds Ade that he was surprised to get picked for the top 20, since Ade thought his main competition had already made it onto the list. Lil' C says he thinks Ade might be the competition for everyone else, and likes that he's "modifying (his) manipulation of movement" which I think is an annoying way of saying Ade's getting better. As for Melissa, he talks about the way Sonya makes you search for "that hidden person on the inside," and praises Melissa for submerging herself in it.

Mary: "It's time to give you guys some tough love." Everyone groans. "Because it was REALLY TOUGH TO FIND SOMETHING NOT TO LOVE," she screams. Melissa is quirky and phenomenal, and Ade's technique and movement was soaring across the stage. "The gentle giant is still out there, just WOO!" she yells. Fortunately, she's done.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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