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It's Called An Indoor Voice, Mary

Yay, it's Ray Charles! He's singing "Shake a Tail Feather," which sounds like it could conceivably be a euphemism for anal sex. I gotta admit, they look like they're having fun. They jive -- separately and together -- all over the stage, and do a couple of vibrating-leg moves. Evan spins Randi around, faster than I was aware it was possible for a human to spin! She was spinning, like, Tasmanian Devil-fast. They shake their chests at each other. Randi bends over backward and Evan takes a jump-split, clearing her entire body with room to spare. Nice! They join hands for some closing kicks and steps, and then Evan lifts Randi up so she locks her legs around him for a few minutes. Then there is some ass-grabbing (Evan grabs Randi's hips, probably hoping not to be beaten to death by her husband). Nice all around. Cat's all, "What's a little tush grabbing among friends?" Which is little closer to what I envision when I think of Cat and her friends.

"Out the box with a bang," declares Lil' C. He tells Evan that there's a little "divinity" (?) to his movement that makes it look too smooth, and the subtle approach may not work for him. He's got to "bust out" of that, or something. Lil' C calls Randi a firecracker and says they have a good partnership going on.

And because the "fun counter" was a cute, relatively funny bit, who does Cat turn to in order to help beat it into the ground? Mary. So let's skip that. Mary says she thinks the two of them are probably the two dancers best suited for jive, so she thought it should have been better than it was. She says Randi was much stronger out there than Evan, who was a little sloppy with his feet and didn't quite hit the triple-step action quite right. Still it was a great way to start the show, says Mary. Except for the parts that sucked, I suppose.

Nigel then congratulates Louis, and says it's great to have him on board as in an import from Dancing With the Stars. Dancing With the Stars? Never heard of it. He echoes what Mary said about Evan needing to be a little stronger, and fends off the booing by ordering the audience to listen to what he says, and then boo. But he winds up by saying that the two of them as a couple are tremendous, so everyone's cheering again. Cat mimics the little gestures Nigel makes when he's making a point, and then I think Nigel is pretending to be a snake threatening to bite off Mary's face.

Next up: Melissa and Ade. Ade says Melissa has been married for four years, and her sister married her husband's brother. He seems to be quite confused by it, just as Melissa is equally at a loss in saying Ade's full name: "Adetokunbo Isaac Kayode Obayomi." I love that "Isaac" in there. Feels like "Hayes" should come right after it. He gives us the African pronunciation, which goes a long way towards explaining why he goes by Ade (which people mess up too, he tells us).

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So You Think You Can Dance




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